WalMart Sales Down

Those of you who don't like WalMart may have some new ammo.

In a weekly sales summary, the world's largest retailer said more consumers were delaying holiday shopping and buying gift cards, which are not recorded as revenue when purchased.

Richard Hastings, analyst at Bernard Sands, said: "Wal-Mart shoppers are a huge aggregation of American society. The sales reflect that there are a lot of households insufficiently funded for the future," said Mr Hastings. "If you're an observer, you need to be very worried about this."

Growth on credit can be dangerous.

Via Audrey Herbert.

  • Jackson S.Freye

    It doesn’t surprise me that sales are down. The employees who work for WalMart appear to be unfriendly, unhelpful and generally unhappy. I was told they must have open availability and they work under corporate mandated schedules to suit the business needs with little regard for their employees lives. WalMart must spend a substantial amount of money training new workers because as soon as an employee finds a better job where they are treated more fairly and feel they are respected, they move on. I refuse to shop there simply because their employees are treated so poorly.

  • walmartslave

    I work at walmart currently and if the staff seems unfriendly, unhappy, and unhelpful it is because it is all true. We are not valued for our efforts. We have had the initiative to go the extra mile taken away by the company’s endless attempts to micromanage our lives both in the store and outside. We have no say in our shifts other than their way or the highway. If we protest or try to have a life outside work, we are threatened with a drastic cut in hours. If we’re sick, well we’re out of luck there too because we are told that even a doctor’s note won’t be accepted unless we’re taking a leave of absence. Most of us have a taken a leave of our senses for continuing to work for Walmart but it does keep the lights on, even if just barely. We the associates are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We resent being treated like property with no say in anything that affects us. You may chalk my epistle up to sour grapes but just ask a random associate at your local Walmart what he or she thinks and I’m sure it won’t be too different from what I’ve stated here. Thanks for letting me vent.