WalMart’s Effect On Wages In Other Countries

This post from the very interesting blog Always Low Prices sparked an interesting response from one of the Truck and Barter bloggers. Here is an excerpt from the original piece:

The notion that those who care must oppose the companies who cut costs, like Dell or Wal-Mart is only possible if you ignore the vision of a billion people who still live on a dollar a day. We found that singing "We are the World" with Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen didn't end the suffering in Africa. Meanwhile we see much of Asia has banished hunger and privation. The hope of those still suffering in dire poverty lies not with the followers of Mother Theresa but with the cost-cutting purchasing agents of Kiichiro Toyoda, Sam Walton, and Michael Dell.

And part of the response:

There is nothing that makes me happier than when I see solid economic growth coming out places like India and China. Every person who led a miserable life and then entered the middle class makes me richer in ways beyond just short-term job growth. That's the way we should should look at the situation and not through the lense of spoiled kids on the streets of Seattle. Economists study how man betters himself even if its not the technical definition of what we do.

Be sure to check out the comments. Kevin and Lugo have some interesting things to say. As for me, well I think you all know I am pro-globalization, as long as countries take steps to provide a good legal system to protect property rights and prevent worker manipulation. (Pay that seems low to us but is a good wage for a foreign country is not manipulation.)