Wattpad Hacked: User Passwords Might Have Been Compromised

Wattpad Attacked

Social publishing platform Wattpad, a site where authors can share their writing and interact with readers, has reported a hack that reportedly occurred several months ago.

The company on Thursday began sending out emails to customers, warning them that passwords may have been compromised from the attack on its servers.

In an emailed statement, Wattpad shared several details about the hack:

On May 29, we identified an attack against our platform. After subsequent review of the incident, we learned that account details and passwords for some accounts may have been exposed. We are contacting all users who may have been affected and urging them to change their passwords as a precaution. We have also implemented additional security measures to prevent an incident like this from reoccurring.

In the age of constant security attacks, users are urged to create different passwords for their various accounts and too use two-factor authentication whenever it is made available to them.