Web 2.whoa

Wired says that Web 2.0 is showing cracks. I think it's too early to tell, but it does make me wonder… is it time to slow down? The mantras of Web2.0 are cool, "perpetual beta", "release something new every day", etc., but are some companies doing things so quickly that they haven't thought them through? I'm all for learning as you go, but successful Web2.0 initiatives need the right incentives in place. That's not easy. How do you attract real contributors without encouraging spammers and fakes? How do you filter out mediocrity? Sometimes we forget that while open source software lets anyone contribute, your contribution has to be good or it is rejected.

For Web 2.0, structure is everything. Site structure, business structure, incentive structure, participation structure, and so on. When you think about your customers, less focus is on the "what" and more is on the "how." They determine their own what. It's not the way we are used to thinking.

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What companies will get it right? I don't know. It's definitely going to be interesting to see what pundits two years from now will be saying about this Web2.0 era.