Weeding out Corporate Psychopaths

The new "B-scan" questionnaire can help weed out corporate psychopaths.

The "B-Scan", which stands for Business Scan, has been designed by Professor Robert Hare and Dr Paul Babiak, both experts in psychopathic disorders.

It follows on from the "P-Scan" which is now considered to be the standard test for detecting criminals with psychopathic leanings.

Professor Hare estimates that 1% of the general population in North America are psychopaths.

The professor believes that psychopath's cold-blooded ability to manipulate others without remorse, coupled with a veneer of charm and high energy can make them extremely successful in many walks of life.

They could be perfectly qualified for top posts in the military, politics or in huge multi-national companies as history has already shown in one notorious case.

This is one reason I am in favor of companies hiring more introspective, introverted leaders (Michael Dell types). I don't think psychopaths are as prevalent among those type of people.

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