What Do Rich People Worry About?


Would a million dollars make you happier? Most people think it would, but research shows that, beyond providing for your basic needs, money doesn't add much to your happiness. Why not? Because it brings an entirely new set of problems like becoming a target for lawsuits, fear of being cheated by your financial advisers, and all kinds of other things that average people don't worry much about. Forbes profiles what worries the rich.

Security concerns grow with the size of the fortune, according to Prince's data. For example, only 17.6% of those polled with a net worth between $500,000 and a million dollars say they feared being unjustly sued. In the highest bracket–net worth above $20 million–83.5% say they feared suits. Identity theft? That's a biggie. At the bottom level, 45% fear it. At the top level 74% say they're concerned.

The other big area of worry: Duh, money. But perhaps not the way everyone worries about it.

The financial challenges of the rich "have repercussions," says Christopher Keating, vice president and consumer strategist for Minneapolis research firm Iconoculture. "It affects their companies, their employees, their families, communities and charities."

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