What If You Could Eat Healthy On The Go?

There’s a better way.

The days of eating all your home cooked from scratch meals at home are long gone. More people are working longer hours and they are always on the go. It’s not easy to find a healthy and nutritionally balanced meal or snack on the go, but that is what Millennials are demanding these days. We’ve all gotten so used to the idea of grabbing a burger on the road that we stopped looking for a healthier option. Thankfully Millennials aren’t going to sit idly by while the food they need to nourish their bodies is at stake.


Imagine there were a place to stop in and fill up your water bottle and grab a healthy fresh snack made with fresh produce. Wouldn’t you prefer that to a bucket of chicken that was going to make you feel sluggish later? Rather than being a special occasion, eating out is often a necessity for many people because of their hectic schedules. Most people eat away from home an average of 16 times per month, and only two of those are usually special occasions. With that frequency it is not easy to always find a variety of healthy options, so most of those are probably not the healthiest meals.


Healthy is a benchmark most people don’t totally agree on, but there seems to be a range of things people are looking for when they think of a healthy meal or snack. First and foremost, most age groups prefer fresh food that is less processed and only contains natural ingredients. After that they are looking for things like natural, low calorie, organic, fat free, locally sourced, smaller portions, sugar free, and finally environmentally friendly.


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Many businesses are responding to these consumer demands by offering healthier options. We’ve all been to that fast food burger place which now offers a “fresh” or “healthier options” menu in place of an offer to sell you larger portions for a small markup. But fresh fruits and vegetables seem to be lacking in many places, mainly because there is such a drastically reduced shelf life for these types of things. Still, consumers are making the demand for better healthy options and many businesses are responding in kind.


One new business model is a healthy convenience store where healthy options are the only options. Patrons can refill water bottles, buy freshly brewed teas, and find nothing but healthy and nutritious snacks. If Millennials are demanding it and other generations are looking for it, why are there not more options like this? Why do you walk into a gas station and there’s a wall of sodas and energy drinks but the healthiest thing you can find is a stale bag of preservative-laden pretzels? There’s a better way, and as long as consumers demand healthier options businesses will continue to supply them. Learn more about healthier snacking on the go from this infographic. Would you shop at a place that only offered healthy options so you wouldn’t be tempted to blow your diet?