What Kinds of Inventions Will the Economic Downturn Bring?

The Harvard Business Review’s David Silverman looked up companies founded during the Great Depression, as part of a post on economic downturns and innovation. Here’s what he came up with:

* Motorola
* Hewlett-Packard
* Xerox
* Ryder
* Unisys
* Texas Instruments
* Revlon
* Converse
* La-Z-Boy
* Interstate Bakeries (makers of Twinkies)

Rental trucks, recliners, cool shoes, junk food–the inventions transcend categorization. Here’s what I wager the current economic downturn will bring:

-Donuts genetically modified to make you lose weight
-Recliners equipped with a personal food supply, built-in Kegerator, and fold-out TV
-Moving trucks that run on gas, electricity, and solar power
-Cool shoes

Any additional inventions you can think of?

  • Drea,

    Okay, going by the Great Depression list, why not add:

    makeup that takes ten years off your face and/or makes you look like your favorite business/political pundit or entertainment celebrity. (It’s hard enough to get a job in the best of times. We need all the help we can get.)

    moving trucks that not only run on the fuels you have mentioned, but that have been modified so you can live in them (You have to go where the work/action is at the drop of a hat. Plus, fuel prices necessitate our combining functions like transportation/domicile.)

    High tech gadgets (like Motorolo, HP, TI’s first things had to have been at the time) that serve as time travel portals (Most helpful to be able to predict what will happen in the economy, not to mention where the next hurricane or political uprising will be. Of course, one might just want to go back or forward in time to stay and avoid any current downturn by doing so.)

    Those are just a few thoughts.


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