What Would a Sarah Palin Economy Look Like?

It’s clear our Vice Presidential hopeful holds many things dear. But what does she stand for? Not morally, but publicly – because she is supposed to be a public servant right? On what criteria was she chosen?

Huffington Post reports:

Defending his choice and the team that helped pick her, McCain said Tuesday that “the vetting process was completely thorough.” Advisers said Palin went through a rigorous process that included a three-hour interview and a survey with some 70 questions, including: Have you ever paid for sex? Have you been faithful in your marriage? Have you ever used or purchased drugs? Have you ever downloaded pornography?

Wow, a whole three hours? I’ve been scrutinized more for a temp job in data entry. Before I was offered a job at a public accounting firm I spent no less than 20 hours getting to know the people who hired me. I wonder if Palin had to answer any of the ten worst interview questions.

But whatever. So she likes to shoot ’em up and doesn’t play nice with the other politicians. Those could be admirable qualities after all. What I’m concerned about is the economy. While it’s unfortunate that everyone is fixated on her private life, that’s all we’ve got to go on. Since we haven’t heard much about Palin’s philosophy or policies, we can only wonder how her personal views might impact the American economy…

  • No more wasteful spending on sex education.
  • Refundable tax credit to purchase personal firearms.
  • Contact lenses no longer covered by major insurance companies.
  • Tax incentives to make dirt bikes and/or snowmobiles within every American’s budget.
  • Alaska secedes from the United States, starts drilling its own oil and selling it back to us.
  • Sales of Aqua Net hairspray surge.
  • Funding for stem cell science cut off.

Pros and cons…

What do you think? Are we ready for Sarah Palin?

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  • I think it was a brilliant selection from a political strategist’s perspective. Obama gave a marvelous speech at the Dem’s convention, but a day later, what is everyone talking? Palin!

    She’s a tough, vibrant, outspoken and gutsy conservative. Factor in her youth, working mother, and beauty queen past… and many American’s might say she’s an excellent role model for young women. Keyword being “might”.

    This election will be about pain at the pump and who do the voters like more. The facts have been so trampled over by each party that it’s difficult for me to watch. It’s all about perception this time around, and the GOP knew image was paramount.

  • Doug Weber

    Once again you turn to political commentary. It is clear you have no knowledge of Mrs. Palin. She is a strong conservative. You really should refrain from posting pure Democrat talking points tho in what you claim is a business pundit blog. It kinda makes you look like a tool.

  • NashEntLaw

    What a coincidence – Immediately preceding this article in my RSS reader was a piece in Ars Technica regarding the Arctic ice melt, http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080903-arctic-ice-shelf-splits-ice-loss-10x-expected-this-summer.html, which is believed to be the leading threat to polar bear populations, and the melting is believed to be a result of global warming, which is believed to be caused in part by fossil fuel use. Contrary to leading scientists, Palin believes that polar bear populations have been increasing, and that environmentalists’ attempts to list the polar bear as endangered are just a ploy to prevent further drilling in Alaska. She argues that the populations are fine and we should expand drilling.

    Regardless of one’s political persuasions (Doug, I presume you’re conservative), I think Palin’s positions on oil drilling and the environment will be critical issues, and the outcome will likely impact small businesses (e.g., will start-ups have greater opportunities in creating renewable energy business models, will energy prices impact how small businesses operate, will tax incentives for oil exploration be at the expense of SBA initiatives or will small businesses benefit from Alaskan oil development, etc)

  • Betsy

    Since when do we turn to the Huffington Post for objective analysis?

  • Erik

    I’m surprised that someone claiming to be a “business pundit” would post a politically biased article. If readers are a blogger’s customers, then this “pundit” has risked alienating half of her audience–those who don’t vote Democrat–for a couple of lame jokes.

  • Dr. Bob

    If you’re relying on HuffPo for honest and fair reporting, you’re crazy.

    As for Sarah Palin, let’s withhold judgement until she has a chance to get her message out. Besides, she’s the VP candidate – which means she helps implement what the President, his cabinet and his economic advisers wants.

  • Love all the complainer compliments. It’s as if there is a strict law of separation between state and economy. Pundits on any topic, no less business, are allowed to have political preferences. Since when was there a rule against that? Especially when politicians make policies with consequences for business and the economy.

  • Okay, after watching the speech I’m adding a to the list:
    – a huge boost to all things cosmetic and surgical. Regardless what you think of her politics, the woman is gorgeous and if she’s our ‘role model’ then we’ve all got a lot of maintenance to do! Notice tongue firmly in cheek – maybe someday I’ll give you a peek at Obamanomics…

  • Drea

    I saw the speech last night too. Politics aside again, her whole family is gorgeous! Come to think of it, Cindy McCain is quite the looker too. So is Obama’s family. Could this year be bringing us some of the most attractive political families we’ve seen in a long time?

  • Lela Davidson

    It’s the plastic surgery lobby..

  • Ryan

    Ok. I’m more than willing to admit it. I even said to my wife that the main reason people are enamored with Sarah Palin is that Sarah Palin is hot.

    What better than a sexy, photogenic politician who’s attractive enough to hit the cover of Vogue and tough enough to shoot a gun and skin a moose?

  • I just heard Bill O’Reilly say that the “economic crisis will be the end of President Bush’s legacy”

    Am I hearing things?


  • Someone in the Universe

    Even thougb many people actaully would vote for Obama in an election, Sarah Palin gets more media attention.
    I remember reading this somewhere:

    “Palin is slowly overshadowing her running mate. Pretty soon, it will be ‘McCain? McCain who?'”

  • Ana

    I bet Sarah Palin looks at porn when her husband’s not around.

  • Thor

    Hmmmmmmm. Worldwide there has been no recorded increase in temperatures since 2000. We are talking about weather monitoring stations monitored by various governments with different agendas so the glacial situation is not global warming. Also, believing that the US alone can change what mother nature is arrogant. What about that evil CO2? A minute portion of 1% of gases? Somebody picked the wrong poster child. The truth hurts sometimes–huh!

  • NashEntLaw

    (A) Commenting on a 13-month old article? (I got pinged because of my earlier comment and am likely the only one who will read your post)

    (B) Point to a single (legitimate) authority suggesting that there has been “no recorded increase in temperatures since 2000.” Even if it were true (it’s not), justify how such a micro analysis supports your position when the primary argument against global warming is that scientists take too short of a view of global history?

    (C) Point to a single (legitimate) authority that disputes the impact of CO2 on the environment, or that the rise in CO2 is not mainly attributable to man.

    (D) No one in the U.S. believes that it can change the progression of global warming on its own, though no one (including oil companies) disputes the amount of emissions we generate from fossil fuels relative to the rest of the world, China excluded.

    (E) Seriously, do you believe what you write? How competent do you genuinely feel regarding your research skills and knowledge of the subject matter? We can debate politics and business strategy all day but at some point you have to accept that not all things are debatable. To 99.9% of the world, you sound completely ridiculous.