What Would a Sarah Palin Economy Look Like?

It’s clear our Vice Presidential hopeful holds many things dear. But what does she stand for? Not morally, but publicly – because she is supposed to be a public servant right? On what criteria was she chosen?

Huffington Post reports:

Defending his choice and the team that helped pick her, McCain said Tuesday that “the vetting process was completely thorough.” Advisers said Palin went through a rigorous process that included a three-hour interview and a survey with some 70 questions, including: Have you ever paid for sex? Have you been faithful in your marriage? Have you ever used or purchased drugs? Have you ever downloaded pornography?

Wow, a whole three hours? I’ve been scrutinized more for a temp job in data entry. Before I was offered a job at a public accounting firm I spent no less than 20 hours getting to know the people who hired me. I wonder if Palin had to answer any of the ten worst interview questions.

But whatever. So she likes to shoot ’em up and doesn’t play nice with the other politicians. Those could be admirable qualities after all. What I’m concerned about is the economy. While it’s unfortunate that everyone is fixated on her private life, that’s all we’ve got to go on. Since we haven’t heard much about Palin’s philosophy or policies, we can only wonder how her personal views might impact the American economy…

  • No more wasteful spending on sex education.
  • Refundable tax credit to purchase personal firearms.
  • Contact lenses no longer covered by major insurance companies.
  • Tax incentives to make dirt bikes and/or snowmobiles within every American’s budget.
  • Alaska secedes from the United States, starts drilling its own oil and selling it back to us.
  • Sales of Aqua Net hairspray surge.
  • Funding for stem cell science cut off.

Pros and cons…

What do you think? Are we ready for Sarah Palin?

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