When Brainstorming Goes Awry…

…you end up with a butt-kicking machine.

The Idaho Statesman says Leavitt & Associates needs some firm bottoms for research on its 'manually self-operated butt-kicking machine'.

The firm normally designs industrial plants, bridges and commercial buildings, but the butt-kicking idea grew rapidly after it was first suggested at a meeting.

"We were in a meeting and someone said we needed a device that would let a client kick our butts," company head J Reese Leavitt said.

"Groups can use this to put someone dressed up like, say, Osama bin Laden, and charge $1 to kick his butt," office manager Sandy Burmeister said.

Wouldn't you love to work on that and have someone ask "so what do you do at work?" (The quoted section above is actually from this story.)

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