When Guy Kawasaki Came to Louisville

I swear to you this story is true. We have the video tapes to prove it. My friend Todd was about to start a trip to San Francisco for a wedding. Todd loves to network, and decided to make a list of people he would like to meet. Then he decided to interview them on camera for his blog. Well, the Wednesday before he was going to leave, he decided to email Guy Kawasaki to see if he was interested. Guy emailed back that he would be in Louisville in a few hours. Louisville? Surely not. How did I not know this?

Turns out Guy had a private speaking engagement. So Todd and I went to the Galt House, where Guy was staying, and interviewed him before he got on a plane back to California. What are the odds that he would be on his way to Louisville the same time he gets an email from a Louisvillian asking for an interview. Weird.

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Anyway, today Todd posted a video clip where Guy discussed Truemors and why he is sticking with it. Check it out.