When You See This, Retail has Recovered


When people are spending money naturally and without stimulus, retail stores can start celebrating with signs like this.

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  • Steve

    I liked the part where a number fell off and it looked like the sign said “0% off”.

  • wow

    How observant you are. That was the whole damn point.

  • bob


    Um, yeah…I think he was joking…

  • How immune to humour you are. He was just making a little joke.

  • Todd

    I liked the part where Steve trolled and it took 20 whole minutes for wow to respond.

  • haha

    how observant YOU are =]
    i think you just got played

  • Anonymous

    Successful troll is successful.

  • Bill

    What a coincidence, my favorite part of this was the entire reason it was posted too.

  • Sarcasm Detector

    “wow” needs one.

  • OMG

    I like the part where Steve started trolling in other places for desperate win come.

  • bob

    You’re both douches.

  • scooter

    You can’t mod by “off”.

  • Ringo Starr

    I liked the part where a number fell off and it looked like the sign said “0% off”.

  • Mike

    That guy on the roof looks saddened by his plight.

  • that is great if you get a 0% percent raise and a 0% discount

  • Luke

    I like the part where this got on the Digg homepage.

  • lol think about the savings..or rather slavings.

  • Pete

    I like the part with the stripper.

  • What gave it away? The guy on the roof with his hands hanging over the side looking at the other number laying on the ground?

  • Perhaps, but at that point the chances of finding what you want drop significantly from day to day.