Which States Have The Highest Minimum Wage? This Interactive Chart Will Show You

Minimum Wage By State

In May 2015, the hourly wage for U.S. workers grew by 0.3% to $24.96, a 2.3% jump year-over-year. While that number is impressive for many workers, those making minimum wage have not experienced anywhere near the same type of wage increases.

The team at InsideGov have put together an interactive chart which shows which states have the highest minimum wage.

The District of Colombia leads the way at $9.50, followed by Washington at $9.47, and Oregon at $9.45. Despite the very high cost of living, residents in California are sitting at just $9 per hour.

Wyoming bottoms out the list with a minimum wage of just $5.15 per hour.

Minimum Wage by State | InsideGov

Be sure to click on each state to learn more about their job market and population growth over the last year. It provides some interesting insight into the supply and demand factors that influence the minimum wage in each demographic.

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