Who are the 47% that Romney dismisses?

Lately I’ve been thinking about Romney’s dismissive comment about the 47% that he can’t reach. Politically, I’m not convinced the comment will hurt him because, in fact, it may help him among independents who tend to be well educated, well paid, and end up bearing a large amount of the tax burden.

So politically, it’s not clear to me that the quote is as damaging as the mainstream is making it out: not to the people who are open to voting for him anyway. But putting politics aside for a second, it’s a bit sad that he’s lumps 47% of the population he’d represent as President into this “hapless” category. That’s candid, dangerous Randian thought at its worst. Who wants a President that stereotypes half the population as being weak and pathetic? Not me. Because 47% of the population isn’t weak and pathetic. They may have different values. They may not be white, male businessmen. But they are human beings with same God-given instincts to pursue happiness that all people have been given.

So who exactly are the 47% that Romney derides? Here’s a straight to the point graphic from HackCollege.com that tells us:

Mitt Romney Quote

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