Why Companies Shouldn’t Use Robots In Chat


I've had an Efax account for about a year and a half now. In that time, I have received maybe 5 faxes. I finally decided to cancel because it wasn't worth the money. I had no problems or complaints, I just didn't need the service.

It was tough to figure out how to cancel my account. I had to go to the website (no luck finding a cancel link), find the 1-800 number to call, work my way through the menu, only to be given a URL to use for the cancel. The only way to cancel was live chat. My responses were followed by long delays and then multiple quick chat posts by "Amy." I started laughing so much that I copied the chat session and saved it to a text file. I am 95% sure Amy was a robot, but I will let you decide. It's kind of long, so I'll put it in the extended entry format for those of you that care enough to read it.

Welcome to chat.
The session has been accepted.
{Amy R.} Hello, Rob. Welcome to j2 Global online support. I am Amy, your online live Support Representative. How may I assist you?

{Rob} I need to cancel my efax account. No problems, I just don't use it.

{Amy R.} I am sorry to hear that you wish to cancel. Could you please provide me your fax number as well as the PIN for verification purposes?

{Rob} 1270721—-
pin: ****

{Amy R.} Thank you for the information. Please give me a moment while I quickly check your account in our records. In the meanwhile, may I ask why you are canceling your fax account?
Is it some aspect of the service, which you are not familiar with, or is there any problem with the service? If so, we could help you with the same.

{Rob} Are you a person or a program? I mentioned above that I just don't use it. I've had maybe 5 faxes in the past year.

{Amy R.} Please accept my apology for the inconvenience caused.

{Rob} okay. Can we cancel now?

{Amy R.} Rob, I can understand you concern to discontinue the service however, it is always good to have a alternative faxing service as you may not know when the need for faxing may arise. In the current scenario, as a special consideration and gesture of goodwill.

{Amy R.} Your eFax account will be credited with $25.90 so that you may utilize our services without being billed our monthly fee for the next two billing cycles.

{Amy R.} Since you will not be charged any monthly fees for the next two months you may keep the account till then. If at all you find that you need our services during this period, then you will still have the account. Only usage charges are applicable for sending faxes. If however, you still feel that you do not have any use for our services by the end of the two months credit period, then you can always contact us back anytime.

{Rob} no thanks. Let's just cancel.

{Amy R.} Rob, I can completely understand your wish to discontinue, since you have already paid for the month, I suggest you to retain this number at least till the end of two months credit offer as you will not be charged any monthly fee for the two months.

{Amy R.} As a goodwill gesture for our further association, I would also provide you with an additional gift balance of $10.00 with which you can send up to 100 pages of faxes for free (per page per minute within US & Canada) along with the monthly credit.

{Amy R.} After the completion of 2 months credit period, if you feel that the fax number does not serve your purpose, you can get back to us immediately without any further obligation to stay back.

{Amy R.} We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

{Amy R.} Just for your convenience, we will crediting your eFax account with $25.90 and $10.00 as gift balance for the next two months for which you will not be charged any monthly fees.

{Rob} No thanks. I have changed jobs and have no need for your service. Let's just cancel.

(There was a long pause here, which is why I typed "cancel" again).

{Rob} Cancel

{Amy R.} All right then! I will cancel your number immediately.
This is the affirmative confirmation that your account has just been cancelled and all your account information has automatically been deleted by our system.

{Amy R.} I'm sorry that you are leaving eFax. At eFax, we are continuously improving our products and services. Please do consider us if your faxing needs should change in the future.

{Amy R.} Rob, we would appreciate if you could spare a minute in filling the survey form as it would give us your valuable feedback which would help us to improve our services. Here is the link where you can fill the Survey.
(url removed)

{Amy R.} Is there anything else you would like to have assistance with?

{Rob} No. Thanks for your help.

{Amy R.} Thank you for contacting j2 Global Online Support, I hope you found our session helpful.

{Amy R.} Good-bye and take care!

Leave a comment with your vote. Human or Program? My vote is that Amy was a program.

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