Why Does "Unconventional" Spark Fear in Business?

Talk is cheap. I guess that is why so many people talk about being great but never do anything about it. I have faced this myself as my partner and my employees talk about doing great things, then decide to play it safe and take a more conventional route. I. Don't. Understand. Sometimes I think we benchmark not to see if we are better than our competitors, but to make sure we are all doing the same things so that we can feel comfortable. Yet, ironically, anyone who has run a business knows that half the time you have no idea what to do. Just because your competitors are slightly profitable doesn't mean you should adopt their strategies. Yet almost every place I have worked, with almost every group of people I have worked with, the minute I try to actually committ us to something unconventional people freeze up like deer in headlights. But what if it fails? Then we learned something. I think most companies are confined to mediocrity because they want to do what everyone else is doing. It gives them a sense of confidence that they are on the right track when in truth they are just playing follow the leader.

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