Why I Am Giving Twitter a Second Try


During SXSW last spring, I signed up for Twitter. For those of you that don't use it, twitter is lots of short messages that you send throughout the day. People can follow your messages, and if you follow lots of people, their messages are intertwined in a big list, according to post time. It's a quick way to get a feel for what your friends and family did that day.

To be honest, I hate the concept. It is just another thing to contribute to attention deficit disorder, and keep people connected way more than they need to be. After SXSW, I blew it off and didn't use it. But some things changed. First of all, Andy began using it as a way to talk about his market trades day to day. I thought that was a cool idea. Then more and more people I knew started using it seriously. As much as I want to crawl off into a cave and be alone to think, I also need to learn what new web ideas are becoming popular. I don't get to dictate what people like. If I want to work on the web, I have to play by the rules. If Twitter gains critical mass, I need to be part of it, to understand it, and to be able to talk intelligently about it. I won't be a heavy user, but I will make a point of twittering from time to time. You can sign up and follow me if you are interested, or if you are just bored.

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