Why I Am Selling This Blog, and How You Can Be The Next BusinessPundit


Sometimes assets are worth more to a new owner. That is why, a few weeks ago, I began contacting potential buyers for this blog. I have decided to sell it. There were several interested parties, and I'm not going to give status updates until February, when my contract with Creative Weblogging is up, but I do want to explain why I'm selling, and what kind of person the blog needs next.

I never intended to make money blogging. It just sort of happened, once this blog hit a certain level. It was a nice side income, and has helped fund many of my other projects. But as blogging has become more competitive, and more and more people are trying to make money at it, I have realized that I am not interested in continuing. I have watched Businesspundit slip a little bit each year in the Technorati rankings, and I have realized that I lack a very important attribute of good writers – the ability to say what people want to hear.

This blog has never been about what readers want. It has been about what I want to say. And I know that I am weird and my views are not mainstream at all. People want easy. People want instant. People want to be told that they are right. People want to have their views reaffirmed. I'm a natural contrarian who believes that most trends are overhyped, that most people need more focus and discipline, and that conventional wisdom is usually wrong. Those topics will never be as popular as say… stupid cat pictures.

A few key articles made this blog. My old post How To Network For Introverts gets about 1300 people a month just from Google searches. My criticism of Good to Great gets a lot of search engine traffic as well. But for the most part, this blog is not as successful as it could be if I came on and wrote about the "Top 10 Reasons For…" There's nothing wrong with that, it just isn't me. I can do those posts at other sites, but not here, not at a site that has become too closely attached to my personality.

Dozens of people have asked me why I haven't leveraged this blog to write a book, do consulting work, etc. etc. It's because that isn't what I want to do. I don't want to be a writer. I don't want to be a consultant. I'm 30 years old, I'm full of energy and good ideas. I want to solve hard problems and I want to be held personally responsible for the results. I want to build things.

I enjoy writing, and I think it's an important skill, but to keep this blog up to par, I have to write every day. I've grown tired of that. On top of it, I don't like posting pictures and keywords and thinking about the SEO value of titles. It's distracting and takes away from the core content, but it seems to be necessary to get traffic. It's not really that big of a deal. I've just realized that I don't want to provide what the market wants.

So it comes down to this – I can stop posting regularly and only write when I want to, or I can sell the blog. The problem is that this blog is actually worth a decent chunk of change (low to mid 5 figures) so if I stop posting, that value will diminish over time. That is why I am going to sell it, unlock the value, and let a new owner/writer take it up to the next level. I think a good writer who focuses on an audience can crack the Technorati 1000 with this blog. I will move to a new domain will write just once or twice a week – whenever I feel like I have something to say.

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The other thing people often point out is the exposure that this blog provides. Why would I give that up? Well, it's true that I have met some fantastic people because of this blog, but at the same time, it has not translated to my business life the way I hoped. Instead of being known as an entrepreneur, I'm known as a writer and a digital media guy. That has to change. I want to be known as the guy that can figure things out, the guy that can solve problems, the guy that can raise money for a startup because even if I'm on the wrong path, I'm smart enough to right the ship and make money. To do that, I have to blog at the websites attached to my ideas, which is another reason why this blog has to go.

I'm here until February, but you will start to see some changes. I will be writing some more linkbait – things that will benefit the new owner and will generate some decent traffic, and I'll be pushing out some quality stuff I've meant to blog for a long time but never got around to. I'll also be looking for a new writer or writers to contribute to this blog, so that I can recommend people to the new owner. The new owner will make the final decision, and all that stuff will be revealed in a few months.

How To Write For This Blog
If you want to write for Businesspundit in the future, you need to send me a note and then we will work out a trial period. You need to be able to write almost every day. This is much much harder than most people realize. You need to have a good theoretical grasp of business topics, and also have some practical experience that you can use in your posts. People love reading stories they can relate to. I get post ideas from things I see when I'm out and about, from research papers, from news stories, from other blogs, from past experiences… so you need to always be thinking about business and looking for business lessons. Most importantly, you need to be in tune with blog readers, and be able to write quality the kinds of things they want to read. You need to be able to simplify complex topics, and provide good examples to back up points in your posts.

Once the new writer(s) is picked, I can guarantee you that it will be a paid position. I don't know how much (that will depend on the new owner) but I assume it will be several hundred dollars a month, or possibly a percentage of profits if you can help grow the blog revenues.

If you are interested in writing, send me an email. Otherwise, just keep reading and I'll pass on more information as I can.