Why Is Politics So Different?

If two people get into a debate about some technical matter, be it statistics, engineering, science, etc., one will often concede and say to the other "you know more about this than me." Most people seem to accept that some of us know more about math, or physics, or accounting, or whatever, and therefore our opinions on that subject carry more weight that those of others. Why, I wonder, does this not apply to politics as well? Why do people who can't name the senators from their own state, don't know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and have never voted in an election, think that I, or any informed citizen, should give a damn about what they think?

I know that there are intelligent, educated people who are conservative, liberal, liberatrian, and everything else. Many times these people agree on facts, but disagree on assumptions such as the role of government or the definition of an equitable tax system. I know that there are also dim-witted idiots who fall into all political categories as well. But I am SICK and TIRED of people who don't know Iraq from Iowa telling me that this war is "just about oil." I read letters to the editor every day in the paper where people criticize Bush for the stock market being down, criticize "big business" for screwing the "little guy," and criticize guns for killing innocent people. These things make no sense.

I have pointed out repeatedly that THE STOCK MARKET PEAK WAS IN MARCH OF 2000. That means that the market was down from that peak for 8 MONTHS before the election, and 10 MONTHS before Bush took office. Political decisions can affect the stock market, but not enough to bring the NASDAQ down to less that half of it's peak. For some reason, people don't understand that the market was overvalued in March 2000. That is why it is down so much.

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And what about "big business?" Well who the hell employs people in this country? Sure, there are some bad apple CEOs out there, but good leaders know that employees should be respected, nutured, and well-paid because satisfied employees will lead to a better bottom line. Do these people actually think that shutting down corporations would make the world a better place?

I won't even get started on guns, because I could write forever about why banning guns would be a huge mistake.

I didn't start this blog so I could rant, but a few idiots today just pushed me over the line. People need to understand that some things in life are counterintuitive. It doesn't seem right that a piano and a golf ball dropped from the same height at the same time will hit the ground at the same time, but they will. Life is full of these counterintuitive principles that can only be discovered by looking at facts, not hunches or feelings. Yet many people think their feelings carry more weight than objective facts. Which brings me back to my original question. Why do people who willingly admit they know nothing about science, economics, business, history, etc., think they know everything about how to run the United States of America? Maybe the aphorism is true that the combined IQ of the world is always constant, so more people means more idiots. I just wish they didn't all live so close to me.