Why Should Future Entrepreneurs Check Out These Colleges?


The entrepreneurial spirit is found in many people, but the problem is that even the most unique startups need some organization. Some people are unwilling to go to college because they are afraid of being put in a box, but the truth is that there are a number of colleges that offer programs that are great for entrepreneurs. Here’s some important information about how colleges are helping self-starters make their own business.

Early History

Business programs had been around for a long time, but the first program made specifically for entrepreneurs was formed in 1947. Harvard offered an MBA program called, ìManagement of Small Enterprises.î This taught students how to organize and manage businesses for a few years before selling them. By 1963 the course had changed to “Management of New Enterprises”.

There were then many other programs that started appearing. New York University offered “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” in 1953, and Stanford offered “Small Business Management” in 1954. These were also the first colleges to offered contemporary entrepreneur courses in 1967.

In 1970, the Southern Methodist University created an MBA program for entrepreneurs. Since this time, many other colleges have offered similar programs.

Continued Growth

These programs have grown tremendously in popularity. By 1975, 104 entrepreneurship college programs were being offered, but that hardly compared to the 16 percent of entrepreneur grads started a business. Many of them get more traditional business jobs, while others just couldn’t come up with a sustainable business idea.

The good thing is that this is a massive improvement. In 1990, only five percent of graduates started their own business. This might mean that either classes are getting better or graduates are becoming more ambitious.

Being an entrepreneur is the American dream, but you have to understand how to organize a business if you want to make money. Many people get the experience by working for other businesses. If that isn’t available to you, or if you want something more attainable, then a college program is just as good.

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Source: GreatBusinessSchools.org

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