Why We Love "The Apprentice"

This Newsweek piece is required reading for anyone who watches The Apprentice regularly. Some professors seem to think the show is doing more harm than good.

Others say the problem is more serious, that CEOs have had enough trouble with their reputations, and "The Apprentice" isn't helping the rehab. "It's pretty vulgar," says Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, associate dean of the Yale School of Management. "It's deception, trickery and sex peddling. The lesson is that leadership selection is developed in a process akin to musical chairs at a Hooter's restaurant."

I agree totally. It would be great to see this show become what it really could be – an instructive pseudo-documentary about people competing for a top job with Trump and the various business tactics they use. In a world where people want sex and conflict, the show has become what it has to be to attract viewers. Has anyone else noticed the short text blurb at the end of the show that contestants removed from the show are chosen with input from producers and staff other than Trump? No surprise there. My sister was on Elimidate a few years ago, and said it isn't a reality show – they feed you lines. I guess a true reality show would just be too boring, and none of us would watch.

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