Why You Have To Manage Your Clients

The thing that caught our eye about this infographic, besides it’s great sarcasm, is the fact that hidden within its core message is one of the most valuable business lessons you’ll ever learn: you’ve got to manage your clients, else you’ll get burned.

Business is all about providing a service or product that other people need. But the mistake that many new entrepreneurs and freelancers make is to think that business relationships will naturally take care of themselves. After all, I provide a service the client needs… it’s a very natural, beautiful, simple kind of relationship, right? Well… sort of like sex… it’s more complicated than that.

The fact is that your business customers almost always need to be given structure, push-back and guidance in the business transaction, else you’ll experience a living hell. That’s human nature. If given no structure or process, people try to get the upper hand, to take advantage of the situation, to eek out as much value for as little cost as possible.

Anatomy of a Web Design Client
From: TopWebDesignSchools.org

So while your clients / customers seem like they are terrible… the fact is that you probably need to look in the mirror. Or not. But you can’t know until you set your limits, put structure to the process, and give it your best shot. Once you’ve done your part, then you can feel better letting a client go… because then you’ll know they truly are terrible.

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  1. jpcmc's Gravatar Comment by jpcmc on February 15th, 2012 at 2:22 am

    Clients need to be guided. moreover, you need to do the guiding. This way, the sales person becomes a consultant that the client needs when he or she needs to purchase something.

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