Wii Fit: Another Excuse to Sit on Your Butt?

Wii Fit shipped yesterday. The game/workout program hits store shelves tomorrow (although many venues are sold out already with pre-sales). Do people really think they’re going to get in shape via the video game where I am a tennis pro? I don’t play IRL, but on screen my quick wrist action garners cheers from the faux crowd.

Is the market for Wii Fit the same as the rest of the games? People who will use tricks and cheats for the sake of winning the game? Or is Nintendo going after the serious athletes who need a great indoor workout? My guess is neither.

The Wii Fit is technology’s take on the long history of weight loss products – be they pills, potions, or pilates machines – that promise the world of the hot bod is yours for only $xx.95 plus tax. And do they deliver? Sure, for some. But those are the same people who would exercise and eat right on their own regardless of the gadget or enhancement involved. For those people, the Wii workout could be a fun addition to their already active routine.

For the rest of you, come on. Get your butt off the couch and hit the pavement. It’s free.

How Did They Do That?

How did Nintendo, master cultivators of couch potatoes everywhere, get into the fitness biz? Wii games addressed societal concern that kids were spending too many inactive hours in front of a video screen. The answer was to get them ‘moving’ via the Wii’s interactive games that in theory engage more of the body. Is anyone falling for this? Do we really think our kids are more active with Wii than before? Someone’s buying it, which is how Nintendo’s able to sell this new program to adults. Genius.

Are you biting?

  • Donald

    Have you actually played it? Sure doesn’t sound like it. So how can you even comment?

  • yes, I’m biting!

    I predict the wii fit will be a big seller.. no, HUGE.

    Why? well, for two reasons:

    1. I remember the home micro boom of the 1980’s when computers were sold to parents on the basis of an educational tool for the kids. Of coarse, the kids (which was me at the time!) wanted to play games. Fast forward 20 years… kids still want to play games, but Wii Fit gives mom and pop a reason to buy the console in the first place.

    2. It looks kinda fun! playing at exercise in the privacy of your home is a huge market that has been around long before Jane Fonda and will be around long after Wii Fit. Consumer research in Japan suggests that this is being bought by 30 year old men, who are buying it for their wife/girldfriend.

    And a final thought. The Wii Fit board is a device that other game developers can use.. what will be next? imagine a pro-golf coach ‘game’ that analyses your swing!

    Like I say, this will be huge.

  • Someone

    Does anyone believe you can exercise 20 minutes a day and get washboard abs? Or that you can work at home and make thousands? Or how about those weight lose pills that says you don’t have to do anything but take the pills?

    Frankly, if it’s between having my child sit and chow down on chips while playing Halo or having them “semi-exercise” on a Wii, the Wii wins (even if my kids do get plenty of exercise without it).

    The WiiFit is pretty much buying an exercise video. Since those still exist (and probably work a bit), I don’t see why this is wouldn’t.

  • I agree. I don’t think anyone will get fit from the Fit.

  • Jojo

    It is fun and difficult, and something the family can do together. i love it. I will still run but being able to do a fitness activity on a rainy day with my 5 year old is a blast.

  • My only improvement is that it would be great if you could adjust the height of the board so you get a better workout.

  • Wii Fit is an example why Nintendo has (and will) been around for suck along time. They give people something new and innovative that they have never seen before.
    If they are going after the weight-loss people then at least that shows their outside the box thinking.