Will 81 Points Help Kobe’s Bring Back Kobe’s "Brand"?

Kobe Bryant was a media darling with a great stream of endorsement deals until his infidelity screwed that up. He lost the spotlight, and most of his contracts. But scoring 81 points has reminded us that he is a superstar. Will the public forgive him? Will the endorsement deals come back? Will Kobe return to hero status? The public seems to forgive sexual miscues for people that are considered "great." Will companies jump back on the pro-Kobe bandwagon?

I bet we see him in a new commercial within 6 weeks.

  • He scored 81 points, he didn’t unrape someone.

  • Rob

    True. But I think people make exceptions for “greatness” and that is how the media is playing up this Kobe thing. Call me a skeptic, but I think most companies are “practical” in their ethics. They only care how the public views Kobe. If his 81 pts changes public attitudes, his endorsements will go up. If it doesn’t, they will stay nearly non-existent.

    I am not saying this is a good thing. If it comes to pass, it definitely reflects negatively on our society.

  • chad

    um, hello? kobe wasn’t convicted of rape. the accuser wouldn’t testify in court (IIRC). whatever happened to guilty until proven innocent?

  • Innocent until proven guilty is a legal distinction.

    The legal system doesn’t reliably land on the truth and so the court of public opinion can come to a different conclusion.

  • hondo

    Kobe’s endorsement deals will inevitably return in the very near future. However, his greatest asset continues to also be his greatest weakness; a total lack of humility.

  • Jason fields

    i think everyone thinks that they can have a say- so in kobe’s life which is unfair, when kobe was in trouble with the law it had nothing to do with anyone but the accuser, kobe bryant and vannesa bryant and that was almost 3 years ago who cares! he does one thing for a living and that is play basketball, he doesnt live his life for people’s exceptance, he does what he loves which is play basketball, besides if anyone has so much time to bring another person down by bad mouthing them on there every action then YOUR LIFE MUST SUCK

  • Kenneth

    Kobe is no different than any other human being. We all have done wrong and the Lord continues to forgive us daily. We should be able to accept the fact that the LORD forgave Kobe as well.