Will Coors Go Out of Business?

Probably not. And if they did I could care less since I am not a Coors fan. Coors does, however, need a new product. Anheuser-Busch is growing rapidly because their low-carb beer has been a huge hit.

Making matters worse, low-carb sales are sure to swallow some of Coors Light's business. The light beer, introduced in 1978, accounts for 75% of sales. Nicknamed the Silver Bullet, it became the second best-selling light beer during the 1990s, outpacing Anheuser's Bud Light in some markets.

But since 2000, Anheuser has been chipping away at the Coors franchise. Coors' share of the light market has slipped to 16% from 18% three years ago. Most of the defectors are guzzling new low-carbohydrate products like Michelob Ultra and SAB-Miller's Miller Lite beer (16% market share).

Now that I think about it, I am surprised Coors has as much market share as they do. Their advertising really isn't all that great – at least I can't recall any ads that stand out. This is just more proof that innovation matters – even in businesses that are hundreds of years old.

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