Will "Real" Women Become the New Way to Advertise?

According to this, Dove will begin using real women, untouched, in advertisements.

A survey for Dove Firming moisturiser found two-thirds of UK women feel depressed about their figures and have low body confidence as a result of beauty advertising.

The study found three-quarters of women wanted to see more realistic-looking models in beauty ads and the media.

I wonder if this will actually work. My thought is that women always hoped that by using a product they would look better, like the model in the ad. But you have to listen to your customers, and they are telling Dove that this is what they want.

Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopolous, an expert in women's body attitudes, said: "Women are constantly bombarded with images of often unrealistic and unattainable perfection. When the girl in the mirror doesn't look like the girl in the magazine or on the TV, it's not surprising that women's self esteem can be affected.

"It's great that companies like Dove are starting to listen to real women's concerns and talking to them about feeling good rather than performing miracles or selling the beauty myth."

Yet another bad practice is destroyed by market forces. I've always belived that the real power ultimately lies with consumers.

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