Will Samsung Provide “See Through” 18 Wheeler Trucks in the Future?

Samsung See Through 18 Wheeler

Samsung ships a lot of goods in Argentina, which is good.  But that country has a very large number of accidents.  Many of Argentina’s accidents are due to cars trying to pass other cars and trucks on busy, narrow roads.  Samsung came up with a simple, but brilliant idea.

Simple But Brilliant

Flat-screens and live-streaming are no longer for watching TV or playing games. Samsung is making the highways safer for truck drivers and regular motorists by using giant flat-screen TV panels.

Samsung’s “safety truck” has a wireless camera installed on the grill that displays what’s in front of the vehicle on a flat-screen TV attached to the back of the truck. That allows tailgaters and cautious drivers alike to see what’s in front of trucks.

Some highlights of this new technology are:

  • The screen is actually four large video screens on the back of the semi-truck, according to CNN. They form one big wall.
  • The new truck technology improves car safety as it allows the driver to see objects ahead of the tractor trailer. Safety Truck even provides night vision when it is dark outside
  • The new tech could boost highway safety when drivers need to pass a big-rig in front of them. It eliminates the need to change lanes in order to check for oncoming traffic.

On the horizon

Samsung conducted experiments on its concept vehicle in Argentina in mid-June 2015, according to Discovery. As implied earlier, Argentina has a high number of traffic accidents. The country has the fifth-highest number of car accidents in the world, creating the perfect environment for the Samsung’s field tests.

After the trial period, Samsung said in a statement that the prototype truck is no longer operational but that the “idea can definitely save the lives of many people.” Even with the glowing reviews, the tech giant has made no formal announcements of a release date.

David Azizi, a distinguished truck accident lawyer, feels this technology would make roads much safer but the prototype trucks need more testing before appearing on roads.  “This is certainly a step in the right direction, but there is still plenty of work to be done to make the roads safer for all passengers and drivers.”

Not the only one

Interestingly, this is not the first attempt of companies to construct high-tech see-through vehicles with mounted cameras. Japanese researchers have equipped the Toyota Prius with cameras and mirrors, to make the mid-size car “transparent.”

Jaguar is also developing a reverse version of the innovative technology. The new feature will boost road safety by using digital cameras to provide drivers with a 360-degree view of the outside environment, making up for blind spots.

Written by Jesse Wojdylo

In 2008 I began to study why and how people search. This included a deep understanding of Google algorithms, internet trends and the psychology of how we use the Internet. This knowledge has allowed me to help business owners reach their target audience and potential customers that are looking for information or services on their computer or smartphone. I am also the creator and owner of Wojdylo Social Media.