Will Web Media Buy Out Blogs?

Wired is predicting that big media companies may start buying blogs.

So with MarketWatch sold and Slate likely getting sold soon, could MSNBC, CNET, Salon.com and all the other dot-com survivors be next? Nah, unlikely. But there could be a spate of other media properties for sale.

Namely blogs. You heard me.

According to Sam Whitmore, editor of Sam Whitmore's Media Survey, over the next 12 to 24 months you will probably see big media companies scarf up these cult destinations, where a growing number of people are going for opinions, analysis and community. "Look at what happened politically," Whitmore said, when blogs hit the big time during the presidential campaign. "The same thing will happen in business, because people know they don't need to head to branded sites for good information. Bloggers can be trusted to be independent and people will turn to self-published experts for information."

I'm not sure this will happen because I think many bloggers will, like me, put an irrational price on their blogs. This site would be very expensive not because of the audience, but because I love doing this so much and I have to think of the opportunity cost of not blogging. Without this, I would have to go back to my nightly rants at my wife about the business news of the day. Once she realizes that, I'm probably not allowed to sell.

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