Windows 8 is officially dead

Windows 10

Windows 8 is officially no longer supported by Microsoft.

The company announced recently that it was pulling life support for the OS in favor of Windows 10, the company’s new OS that is available via a free upgrade for current Windows 8 customers.

Microsoft has pulled the plug on Windows 8’s life support. Customers are urged to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or preferably Windows 10 if they want to continue receiving crucial updates and security patches.

2.6% of PCs around the world are still running Windows 8 even though Microsoft made the Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10 upgrades available for free.

That means with nearly 2 billion PCs sold since Windows 8 went live, nearly 50 million are still running the now non-supported Windows 8 OS.

Microsoft made it clear to customers when it released Windows 8.1 in October 2013, that they had two years to upgrade.

Windows 8 customers still have full access to their current OS, but will not receive crucial security updates and bug fixes.

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Windows 8 was riddled with bugs and many users complained about its lack of a traditional start button and other features. Those issues were fixed in Windows 8.1 and completely overhauled in the critically lauded Windows 10 OS.

Many companies are slow to upgrade as their IT teams work to check for compatibility issues with their software and to ensure a smooth transition.

Some customers will simply ignore the free upgrades. The Windows XP operating system lost support in April 2014 and 12% of PCs are still running XP.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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