Women-omics Makes the Case For Economic Power of Women


WOMEN-omics launched last week, but it’s not just for women. This new global web portal is smart, slick, and focused on the economic power of women. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, corporate gender expert, publisher, and founder of the new www.WOMEN-omics.com says this:

“Women are business’s secret weapon, and the world’s highest performing companies — and smartest men — are realizing and acting upon the opportunity.”

The site includes a great blog written by Wittenberg-Cox. A quick skim and you know this woman has much to teach us all, men and women. I loved her take on the leadership style of the new leader of the free world:

On his acceptance speech: Obama was careful not to focus the speech on the charismatic and immensely talented orator giving it, but on the committed and determined population that had elected him. He did not shine the light on himself. His speech was not as eloquent as he could probably have made it had he wanted to. He kept it simple. Like a real star, he chose not to absorb all the light, but to deflect it back onto the people who were responsible for making him President. He made them feel powerful and responsible. A real leadership skill.

WOMEN-omics makes the business case for gender balance and the economic power of women, provides exclusive global reporting on women’s growing economic impact on companies and countries, and aggregates the best information, ideas, and insight in the field. It’s designed for corporate leaders, top executives, policymakers, journalists, researchers, business schools, and women in the workplace.

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According to Wittenberg-Cox:

“WOMEN-omics shifts the debate from ‘What’s the matter with women that they aren’t reaching leadership positions?’ to ‘What’s the matter with companies that haven’t optimized the other half of the talent pool and marketplace — the female half?’ Putting gender balance in the diversity bucket to redress ‘glass-ceiling’ issues, rather than seeing it as an incredibly powerful sales and strategic proposition, misses the opportunity.”

I love that this site shines light on the fact that ignoring gender differences, or failing to include women at the highest corporate levels is no longer a diversity issue – it’s an economic issue. Finally.

Image Credit: avivahwittenberg-cox.com