Wonder How Many of These They Sold?

  • Tyler

    That. Is. Brilliant.

  • Steve

    Okay but what if you’re pulling it due to a real fire and that fire is RIGHT NEXT TO THE ALARM BOX???

  • ShellsOnTheFloor

    It looks like it’s only that piece that would be stuck on your arm, i.e. you could still escape, but a prankster would be easily identified by the huge piece of metal on his arm.

  • Redopz

    ok, back to his scenario, doesn’t metal get extremely hot by fire? so if the fire was right on top of it, youd have to mean business to pull it

  • But couldn’t you just stick a coat hanger up there and pull the lever?

  • UniverseBear

    I hope no-one is actually thinking this is a good idea. The idea was used for a very brief time and was quickly taken back because someone died. They pulled the alarm in a very dangerous fire and burnt to death before firemen could arrive on the scene.

  • lvleph

    These alarms were outside in densely populated neighborhoods, so I doubt someone died after pulling one.