Workable Review: The Best Recruiting Software System for Small Businesses


We’ve been taking a close look at recruiting software systems this week and our overall pick for the best recruiting software systems for small businesses is Workable.

Workable is a fully-featured recruitment software which is affordable and works on a sensible pricing model which doesn’t limit those features (unlike many other recruitment software providers which do).

Why Did We Choose Workable?

We chose Workable for a variety of factors and these include:


Workable was founded in 2012 and while that’s not quite the length of time in business that we prefer; it’s not terrible given that software companies do tend to spring up over night. We do like the fact that they already have more than 5,000 customers and they’re based in more than 80 countries worldwide; that suggests a diverse revenue base which won’t be threatened by economic changes in a single marketplace.

Their customers include Travelex, Ryanair and Marks and Spencer which suggests that Workable won’t be a fly-by-night flash-in-the-pan and will stay the course.

We also like the fact that you can try Workable for 15 days for free; which means you can get a genuine feel for the software before having to stump up the cash for it.

Value for Money


Workable’s pricing scheme is fundamentally fair. Unlike many recruitment software solutions which charge a fixed monthly fee or limit the number of features that you get access to if you’re not paying a significant premium for their top tier service – Workable charges based on the number of active vacancies that you have running. This starts at $19/month for a single job listing and scales from there.

Whatever number of vacancies you use Workable for; while you’re paying for their service – the fee includes full phone and e-mail support and an unlimited number of user licenses. That’s incredibly good value and it’s one of the things that we really liked about Workable when compared to its competitors.

You can also access many of the big jobsites via Workable and Workable can provide a discount on their services in many cases and that can really keep your recruitment costs down. In fact, it’s possible to save so much money with Workable’s discounts that the service becomes effectively free to use.

Ease of Use and Functionality

Value for money and reputation are all well and good but it’s very important that whatever software system you buy in to today – that it’s easy to use. There’s no point in keeping costs down on software if you spend three times as much on operating that software. We’re pleased to report that Workable is very easy to use and it’s packed to the brim with features including:

Creating a Career Website


Workable lets you create a career website for your company and it’s simple to do this by following onscreen instructions. It’s worth noting that Workable isn’t open source software and that means there are limits on the amount of customization you can get away with but the “out of the box” options are high-quality and your career website will look great.

Automatic Updates to Jobsites and Social Media

Workable’s biggest advantage over its free competitor Osclass is that it supports all the major job boards and it’s easy to update all of these boards at once without having to duplicate any efforts. You can also automatically post to your social media and there’s a nice feature with Workable which adds a new tab to your company’s Facebook page for recruitment purposes.

Creating a Job Listing

Creating a job listing is very easy and you can customize the post as much as you’d like. It’s very easy to create a very specific listing without endless amounts of typing and we liked that. You’re also free to create a specific application form to use for each job that you create in Workable and it’s a question of dragging and dropping elements to configure them – this is a big advantage of using Workable over a free service like Osclass.

Creating Resources

You can add external recruiters and internal recruiters to a specific vacancy making it very easy for people to incorporate Workable’s functionality in their existing workflow.

Job Applicants

Applying for a job is hassle free through the Workable interface and it’s also easy for a candidate to import much of the information they need straight from their LinkedIn profile; saving them a lot of time on filling the application form.

Talent Management

Workable’s talent management system is light years ahead of Osclass’s and it’s an area that really shines for HR teams. You can track candidate data plus gauge the effectiveness of specific recruitment campaigns and resources from a simple interface.

Customer Support


Customer support is an essential for many businesses and in this respect Workable is very much a market leader. All of their plans come with unlimited telephone and e-mail support which is of a very high standard indeed. We found their representatives to be both friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

They weren’t afraid to refer us to their online help sections when they felt that a written guide would be more valuable to us than a walkthrough. They were also pleased to point us to other useful resources regarding recruitment and hiring that lay outside of Workable’s responsibilities and domain as a software provider. That’s definitely going above and beyond.

Drawbacks of Using Workable

Workable is our best overall recruitment software system for small businesses but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some minor issues with the system either.

Firstly, there’s a lack of 24/7 support and in fact, their e-mail response times are on a 3 hour turnaround which isn’t exactly speedy.

Then there’s the lack of a mobile application. We think that this is becoming a standard requirement of software systems and we’d like to see Workable get this sorted in the near future.

Finally, Workable is still a little feature-light compared to the most expensive recruitment software tools but we felt that these omissions were reasonable in light of the value for money price tag offered by Workable.


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