Yahoo is spending $500,000 on security for Marissa Mayer after ‘credible threat’

Marissa Mayer security expenses

Yahoo spent more than $500,000 in security for CEO Marissa Mayer last year after a “credible” threat to Mayer and her family.

The company wouldn’t say what the threat involved, but revealed that Mayer’s security cost the company $544,061 in 2015.

Yahoo spent just $23,000 on security for Mayer and her family in 2014.

The company says security was provided to Mayer at the company’s facilities as well as during business trips and travel.

The company said the security expense “is especially reasonable” since she doesn’t ask Yahoo to reimburse her for the private jets she uses when she’s traveling for work.

Mayer’s security expenses first appeared in a regulatory filing with the SEC.

Yahoo says the amount is reviewed by its compensation committee, which considers it “necessary and for the company’s benefit” and not an executive “perk.”

In comparison, last year Apple spent $209,151 on Tim Cook’s security. Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt received $303,142 during the same period.

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Oracle paid $1.5 million in security expenses for CEO and founder Larry Ellison’s safety. That included security at his private residence.

Marissa Mayer took home $14 million last year.

Mayer has two twin girls who were born in December and a three-year-old son.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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