Yahoo Messenger Relaunches With Multiple Platform Support

Yahoo Messenger Relaunch

Yahoo Messenger has just relaunched with a focus on group messaging and sharing.

The app now integrates with Flickr, Tumblr, and Xobni platforms, which allows users to grab and share GIFs and images in real-time.

By taking advantage of Flickr and Tumblr, Yahoo says it can now grab “hundreds of photos” at a time while allowing them to simultaneously appear for everyone in a group conversation.

The new Yahoo Messenger app works off the cloud, allowing users to download the photo in full quality.

The company has also debuted an “unsend” feature, which acts more like “I never said this” option.

When you delete a message in most messaging apps, it goes away for you, but others who have received the message can still see it. “Unsend” lets users delete a message, photo, or GIF, making it disappear for everyone in the conversation.

Taking a note from GroupMe, the app also lets users “like” other messages, and any group member can add new users to the conversation, change the groups name, and even change the group photo.

“Now you can search and find the perfect GIF in the new Yahoo Messenger app. Get instant access to a virtually unlimited and ever-growing library of GIFs pulled from the Tumblr community, where tomorrow’s most popular GIFs are born each day,” Jeff Bonforte, senior vice president of Product and Engineering for Communication Products, said in the blog post.

New Yahoo Messenger with focus on Group Chats and GIFs

Yahoo Messenger’s integration with Xobni allows users to use search- and people-based navigation on Microsoft Outlook, to power its Smart Contacts.

You can download Yahoo Messenger on iOS, Android, and use it on the Web. Just like the previous version it is also available in Yahoo Mail on desktop browsers.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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