Yankees Win World Series–and Top the MLB Payroll


The Yankees won the world series last yesterday, thanks in part to Hideki Matsui’s stellar performance. They also top the MLB payroll for 2009. Here’s part of the list, as compiled by the AP:

1. New York Yankees $201,449,289
2. New York Mets $135,773,988
3. Chicago Cubs $135,050,000
4. Boston Red Sox $122,696,000
5. Detroit Tigers $115,085,145
6. Los Angeles Angels $113,709,000
7. Philadelphia Phillies $113,004,048
8. Houston Astros $102,996,415
9. Los Angeles Dodgers $100,458,101
10. Seattle Mariners $98,904,167

See the full list here.

Clearly, the Yankees used more than money to win last night. And if payroll is that crucial, what happened with the Mets, the MLB’s second-highest paying team this year?

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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