Yet Another (un)Presidential Product: Obama Waffles

Here we go again with the presidential product flurry. Some genius recently came up with a way to sell waffle mix for $10/box: Put a likeness of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama on the outside of the box. Obama wearing a turban, that is, or Obama bearing a shiny grin reminiscent of a Civil War-era cartooning style that’s now banned.

There’s a lot of banter online about the political implications of the waffle mix, and who bought it. I won’t go into that aspect of it. Suffice to say, for the purposes of this post, that if you really want to get all the presidential accessories for sale right now, you better be recession-proof.

Price list:
Racist Obama waffles: $10
Sarah Palin schoolgirl action figure: $30.
Political candidate T-shirts: $25 (at Urban Outfitters)
Opportunity to rile up random strangers with racy political candidate products: Priceless

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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