15 businesses that are better at social media than their competitors


Social media posts can make or break businesses, depending on how they choose to conduct themselves and even who they hire to write the posts. Businesses make mistakes in social media every day, but there are also several businesses out there who are, for lack of a better word, winning at social media.

From a follower’s perspective, consider what kinds of posts make you want to hit that “like” button, or even the “retweet” or “share” buttons. Did the tweet make you laugh? Did it make you tear up a little bit? Or did it make you sit there for a second and think, “What the hell?” Whichever one it is, businesses who create tweets and other social media posts that create these feelings tend to gain more followers than their competitors.

The best brands in social media tend to appeal to consumers’ interests and needs. For some, like Denny’s, it doesn’t even matter if the tweet is about the company’s products. The majority of the brands on this list are winning at social media because they are weird, funny, or even inspirational (gotta love some #likeagirl posts from Always).

Check out these 15 businesses that are better at social media than their competitors.

#1 – Denny’s

Let’s face it, Denny’s certainly embraces weirdness with its posts about pancake shoes, sporks, and asking followers how they like their buns.

Denny’s social media posts are silly, creative, and the masterminds behind the accounts aren’t afraid to use dad jokes. The company’s strategy is working too since the restaurant chain’s Twitter account has close to 300k followers. Denny’s social media presence is fun, silly, and doesn’t sound like there’s any kind of corporate planning involved. This combination earns the company points from the younger generation who are more likely to use social media than their parents or grandparents.

#2 – Oreo

When it comes to cookies, Oreo takes top honors in the social media world. According to the cookie’s Twitter account, it is, “Your favorite cookie, filling your world with Wonder 140 characters at a time.” In addition to whoever creates the tweets for Oreo, the brand must have an entire crew of designers on standby to churn out content for its social sites.

The brand is also constantly engaging with followers who tweet at them, often replying with funny or cute messages. It even responds to other brands that tweet at it, like when Dairy Queen introduced a new Blizzard for November 2015:

#3 – Netflix

Netflix has a plethora of data on its users, which probably helps it understand its social audience as well. The streaming site loves to poke fun at the characters on their TV shows, quote one of their comedies, or retweet comments from actors and streamers alike. Most of their social media posts include short clips or GIFs of the shows they stream, which provide great reminders of their content.

#4 – Pampers

Pamper’ tweets tend to be more inspiring than funny, but its tweets create a community to market its product and help provide advice to new parents. Pampers’ community includes soon-to-be parents and veteran parents who come together to share advice, memories, and feelings surrounding their kids. This strategy is working well for Pampers since the brand has almost 150k followers on Twitter.

#5 – Charmin

Charmin’s #TweetFromTheSeat campaign has helped the toilet paper manufacturer liven up a product that isn’t always fun to market. However, Charmin is easily blowing away its competitors with social media engagement and campaigns, including its bear family, which it even uses as a reason for products that get shipped out when they probably shouldn’t have.

Charmin encourages Twitter users to share photos and send them messages when they’re on the seat. The company’s social media employees help spread awareness by doing it themselves.

#6 – GrubHub

GrubHub enjoys a mix of food photos and tweets showing what customers are ordering where. The website sure knows how to get customers salivating over its food, or even laughing about a shared love of tacos.

The company also isn’t afraid of stooping to Dad jokes to earn more followers.


But for all its silliness and food porn photos, GrubHub also gives great advice.

#7 – Dove

Like Pampers, Dove’s brand on social media is less hilarious and more inspirational. The company’s goal for social media is to create content aimed at making women feel good about themselves. The company’s Twitter bio reads, “Dove is committed to helping women realize their beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.”

Messages like this one are interspersed with tweets about products like Dove’s deodorant and hair care lines. The company’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign is aimed at telling women that their hair is gorgeous no matter what style it is in or what it looks like. Along with products for good, Dove tries to change the messages behind tweets on the social network site with messages like this:

#8 – GoPro

GoPro has a fairly easy marketing strategy on Twitter and other social media sites. The camera maker features photos and video taken using the GoPro cameras as a way to both inspire its followers and showcase its product. The company has a photo of the day contest and often retweets photos taken by GoPro users around the world.

#9 – Mars Curiosity

The Mars Curiosity rover isn’t really a business, but NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has certainly helped create a successful online presence for NASA and the work that it does in space. The Mars rover offers sassy, first-person updates on its current position on the red planet, as well as experiments it is running. It also posts selfies every now and then.

The rover’s Twitter account has more than 2.2 million followers, showing just how much people love science and space.

#10 – JetBlue Airways

Not only does JetBlue Airways have great customer service, it also has a fantastic social media game. The airline is a great example of a brand that sprinkles a bit of humor in beside its advertising and other posts. Not everything the company posts is hilarious, but it is all informative, whether it is about the company, things to do in each destination, or pilot Adrian Eichorn, who is traveling around the world in his own plane.

JetBlue also wins in interacting with customers. Check out the following Twitter convo.

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#11 – Taco Bell


Taco Bell’s social media plan ranks up with Denny’s, though admittedly sometimes it gets even weirder.

Along with Snapchat filters, Taco Bell is known for its witty one-liners and clever photo updates, as well as its interaction with other brands.

#12 – Always

Always is another brand that built a community and campaign on showing girls how strong they can be. The bran’s #LikeAGirl campaign focuses on building the confidence of young girls and teens who struggle to be self confident after they hit puberty.

The campaign takes the old phrase “like a girl,” which is usually said negatively, and turns it into something a lot more positive.

#13 – Old Spice

Old Spice’s social media presence is exactly like its commercials — weird. Really, really weird. But, hey, weird works in the world of men’s deodorant.

The company’s often ridiculous marketing content works for it, considering its Twitter account has 225k followers. To put Old Spice’s social media strategy in perspective, this is its bio, “MUSCLES. SMELLS. LASERS. COUPONS. GIFS.” Yep.

#14 – Wendy’s

Wendy’s key to social media success has been funny, simple, and somewhat mindless content. Like some of the other companies on this list, Wendy’s loves weird.

The company also expertly shows off its food, whether it’s old favorites like a hamburger, or their new spicy chicken.

#15 – Skittles

Skittles also has a fantastic marketing strategy, bringing its “taste the rainbow” campaign to social media. The brand’s Twitter bio reads, “The Official Tweeter of Awesomeness. Follow the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.”

Along with keeping track of holidays and Star Wars Day, Skittles also has fantastic dreams about the future.

Written by Melissa Stusinski

Melissa Stusinski

Melissa Stusinksi is a professional journalist. She has written for some of the biggest news websites in the United States. She loves spending time outdoors and reading books in her spare time. She can be reached at [email protected] or (929) 265-0240.