15 job perks your employees want more than a raise

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Finding the right company to work at is one of the biggest decisions we can make in our lives and most definitely our careers.

There are a ton of factors to take into consideration when deciding which company is the right fit for you.

For most of us, we immediately start at the basics with qualifying items like salary and opportunity for raises. These are great basic concerns for evaluating a company, but there are many other factors that go into many of our decisions as well. Perks.

Perks are the (sometimes) non-quantifiable benefits of working at a company that are subliminally part of the reason we love going into our jobs every day. These are aspects of your work life that others may sometimes take for granted but you find them to be, at some points, more rewarding than receiving a raise.

Here are the 15 job perks employees want more than a raise.

Vacation Time vacation

Business loves trends and the latest is “unlimited” vacation time. While it’s not truly unlimited, hence the quotes, studies have shown that employees don’t abuse the privilege and spend eight months of the year sipping fancy drinks in an island paradise on your dime.

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You get happier, more productive employees and they get some autonomy over their schedules and the chance to make their Instagram friends jealous with photos of their latest adventures. Isn’t that what life is all about after all?

Retirement Plan


Nobody wants to work until they’re 95 years old unless they’re Hugh Hefner, so your employees are going to need a good retirement plan, whether that’s a 401(K) or a good old-fashioned pension. Financial planning is a complete mystery to a good percentage of the population so your employees would welcome your involvement. If you don’t invest in their future, they start to wonder why they are investing their time in your present.

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Written by Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson is the Strategy editor at Business Pundit. She writes articles that help business owners, executives, and employees better understand how to run a business and work as effective employees.