15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men–For Less Than $50

If your Valentine’s Day involves romancing someone of the male persuasion, finding a gift can be perplexing. We tried to make the task easier by listing 15 Valentine’s Day gifts for men. All of them cost less than $50. Although we didn’t include a diamond-encrusted Rolex, for obvious reasons, the gifts below should suit most guys’ desires.

Signage for his Man Cave

Nab a sign like this one from Retroplanet for $20.

If your man’s garage is his second home, help him decorate it with a vintage garage sign. Most won’t set you back more than $20.

A Flash Drive that Fits

ThinkGeek offers this nostalgic mixtape USB for $16.

Flash drives are the new mixtapes. As in, they’re customizable, slick, and very giftable. A perfect addition to your techie man’s hardware set.

A Gamer Gem

For around $30 or less, you can pass along the gift of the game. The hot new game he doesn’t have yet, that is.

Gadget Protection

This leather iTouch case with your man’s initials costs $30 at Guyville.

If he lacks a good iPhone case, laptop bag, sunglasses case, or other mode of stuff protection, consider finding him something he’ll like. Leather is good; so are customizable cases like the ones found at Guyville.

A Universal Command Center

If you think your guy will like an all-in-one remote control, you might want to package it nicely to make it look more romantic. The good thing is that he’ll appreciate and use a good remote, and you can find one for under $30.

Head Decor

This hat from Lids.com costs $30.

Show your team spirit by handing your guy a new baseball cap emblazoned with his favorite name (besides yours, of course). If team sports aren’t his thing, he might appreciate a beanie, vintage trucker cap, or new helmet.

Drinking Accessories

This complete Martha Stewart 7-piece cocktail set costs less than $40.

If your man is of the drink-mixing persuasion, he’ll appreciate a good cocktail set. If he’s more of a beer guy, swap in a couple of nice mugs; if he’s into wine, a pump and stopper set might be the ticket.

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A Money Holder

Image: Ducti

If black leather isn’t his thing, try something novel, like the Ducti duct tape wallet featured above.


Vintage T-shirts cover the gamut of genres and messages. You can go band, general old-school (check out Teenormous), funny, or athletic like the Fan’s Edge tee above.

Functional Art

This screwdriver holder from Speedcult adds flavor to his garage.

Buy him something that he can use and enjoy everyday. It could be a carved metal toolholders like the ones Speedcult sells. Or it could be a functional, attractive razor holder like this one from Manufactum. Artisans and high-end stores sell items like these everyday; keep an eye out.

Man Books

If you’re not sure what kind of book to get him, check out Esquire Magazine’s list of 75 books every man should read.

A DVD Box Set

Help him savor his favorite flicks with a multi-pack. Many Blu-Ray trilogies run just under $50, or you can grab a DVD trilogy for less.

The Sound of Silence

High-end noise-canceling headphones cost more than $50, but you can find reasonable ones for less. The headphones featured above currently cost $45 on Amazon.

Beer of the Month Club

Image: Burnblue/Flickr

Few men can argue with fresh brewski delivered to their doorstep. If you’re low on funds, you can order a delivery every other month, or every third month, and pay on a monthly basis.

A Portable Grill

Nothing says I love you like a portable grill, right? Well…maybe. But he will think of you every time he fires up his new meat-cooking companion. Consider it a constant reminder that you care.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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