The 24 best business apps for iPad Pro

business apps for iPad Pro

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a step up in the tablet market. The tablet, which was released in November, offers businesspeople a new option that doesn’t require them to carry a laptop wherever they go.

The iPad Pro’s 12.9-inch screen offers the same screen real estate as two iPad airs, or a small laptop. It offers a maximum of 128GB of storage and Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity so you will still be able to connect wherever you are at.

With accessories like the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, it’s easy to take advantage of new apps designed specifically for this tablet.

Adobe and Microsoft are just two big name companies who created new apps specifically for the iPad Pro launch.

If you are looking for apps that will help you run your business more smoothly, we have the answers you need.

Check out the top 24 best business apps for the iPad Pro.

#1 – Evernote


Cost: Free

Evernote is an overall fantastic app that allows the user to take notes and sync them across several different devices. The app also offers search capabilities to help you recall past ideas. With the optional Apple Pencil, the user can add sketches to notes. If youíre planning on using the iPad Pro for connectivity, then Evernote is a solid choice. With more capabilities than Google Drive, and the ability to take photos or documents and add handwritten notes, Evernote is an excellent choice. Plus, itís free.

#2 – 1 Password

1 Password

Cost: Up to $9.99 (Pro)

1 Password allows users to store usernames and passwords, credit card information, addresses, and notes in plain text. The app also generates strong and unique passwords for all platforms. Everything in the app is protected by a Master Password. The software uses AES 256-bit encryption and locks automatically so that your sensitive information is always protected. Touch ID can also be used to access the information.

While the free version is workable, the pro option allows you to add bank accounts, driverís license, passports, and more. Multiple vaults are offered and you can organize the information using folders and tags. The pro version of 1 Password also lets users store garage door codes and locker combinations on the Apple Watch.

#3 – Keynote

Keynote App

Cost: $9.99

Keynote is considered the most powerful presentation application ever created for mobile. The app was built specifically for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. For $9.99, users can start with a pre-created theme and add text, charts, images, tables, and shapes. The presentation can be shown directly on the iPad or on an HDTV with mirroring. iCloud is built in to Keynote, meaning all presentations are updated and available on the userís different devices.

#4 –

Join me app for iPad Pro

Cost: Free ($23.99 for Pro) allows iOS users to stay connected via audio conferencing by phone or internet (VoIP). The app also lets users screen share or update a mobile whiteboard. The initial app is free, though pro allows users to use One Touch Meetings with Apple Watch, create their own link, create unlimited whiteboards, swap presenters during meetings, and gives them full access to on desktop.

The appís free version allows meeting hosting, update virtual whiteboards, and share and present content on your iPhone or iPad. The iPad Proís larger screen means more space to work with and less zooming.

#5 – GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting iPad Pro App

Cost: Free

Much like, GoToMeeting is free for the iPad Pro. However, there is no additional cost for more options. GoToMeeting by Citrix allows users to participate in video conferencing with up to six webcams. Documents can be presented from file sharing apps like ShareFile, Dropbox, and (for the iPad). Attendees can view the presenterís screen and brainstorm together using an on-screen highlighter and whiteboard (iPad only). Meeting hosts must have a GoToMeeting account.

#6 – Things

Things iPad Pro review

Cost: $9.99

Things is an excellent task manager for people who are on the go and looking for a balance between ease of use and powerful features. The app is updated to work well with the iPad Pro and Apple Watch. Users can decide which tasks they want to complete on a given day, focus on them, keep organized with work, family, and hobbies, and use tags to assign contexts and priorities. The app can be used to create repeating tasks, schedule them for a later date, and review completed tasks in the Logbook.

Things is a great tool because it helps businesspeople stay organized so they can keep track of what they need to get done.

#7 – Usher Security

Usher Security App

Cost: Free

Usher Security saves passwords and physical badges on the app, allowing your phone to log you into business systems and open secure doors and buildings. If these passwords and badges are ever forgotten, lost, hacked, or stolen, Usher replaces them with this mobile app. The app extends to Apple Watch, meaning users donít have to pull out their phone whenever they need to swipe their security card.

#8 – Workflow

Workflow iPad Pro app

Cost: $2.99

Workflow is an inexpensive automation tool that lets you drag and drop any combination of actions to create workflows on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It is an excellent choice for business because the app allows users to make PDFs from Safari or any app with a spare sheet, get all the images from a web site on one page, send a message with the last screenshot you took, and others.

#9 – Box for iPad Pro and iPhone

Box for iPad Pro

Cost: Free ($79.99 for Pro)

The free version of Box for iPad and iPhone allows users to securely store files in the cloud with up to 10GB of free storage space. With Box you can access files from a desktop or mobile device, take notes and capture ideas, share important documents like photos and videos, review projects and leave feedback, and stay in sync with colleagues.

Businesses can take advantage of the Box appís $79.99 pro feature and get 100GB of cloud storage space and a file upload size of 5GB. The added space allows users to share presentations, new product ideas, and other documents.

#10 – MileIQ

MileIQ for iPad Pro

Cost: Free

If you travel frequently for business, then MileIQ can help keep track of the hours and miles you drive. The app is free for your first 40 drives every month and unlimited drives are offered for $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

MileIQ works by detecting and logging drives automatically, calculates drive distances and value, syncs drive data to the cloud, captures drives in miles or kilometers, stores your complete drive history, and sends you regular reports. Users can create custom categories, set work hours to auto-classify drives, add parking, tolls, vehicle information, and notes, and other options. At the end of the year, you can use this data for tax purposes.

#11 – Assembly

Assembly app for iPad Pro

Cost: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Assembly is one of the most powerful design tools on the App Store, making it a must-have for business iPad Pro users. The app allows you to create artwork that can be exported as high resolution or vector images for t-shirts, posters, billboards, and other marketing options. Over 180 shapes are included in the free version and more themed shape packs can be purchased in the in-app store. Users can backup and sync projects across iOS devices and share them via email, AirDrop, DropBox, and other online cloud storage programs.

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#12 – Citrix GoToMy PC

Citrix GoToMy PC - For iPad Pro

Cost: Free

GoToMyPC allows iPad Pro users to connect to their Mac or PC wherever they have a Wi-Fi or LTE signal. The app requires users to have GoToMyPC downloaded on the mobile device and the computer they wish to connect to. Users have instant access to files, programs, and the computerís network, as well as precision mouse control, 300% zoom, copy and paste between the computer and mobile device apps, and the ability to hear sound from the computer they are accessing.

#13 – Cubby (Beta)

Cubby beta app for iPad Pro

Cost: Free

Cubby is a beta app that allows users the flexibility of designating any folder on the iPad Pro for syncing. It allows users to sync unlimited data among their own computers using the DirectSync capability. This capability sets Cubby apart from other apps, which usually charge after a certain amount of data. For businesses, this app means free access to meeting notes, work calendars, brainstorms, and other useful documents.

#14 – Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation for iPad Pro

Cost: Free

Dragon Dictation is a free app that applies voice recognition software so that the user can easily speak and instantly see text or email messages. The software is powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking and is up to five times faster than typing on the keyboard.

For businesspeople who are on the go, Dragon Dictation means you can add notes, create emails, and update documents without ever using the keyboard. Users can also set reminders, send notes, and update social networking sites.

#15 – eFax

eFax for iPad Pro

Cost: Free ($16.99 for Plus)

eFax mobile lets users send and receive faxes from their iPhone or iPad. Users receive a free fax number to send and receive faxes. The free app option includes limited free pages per month, while the $16.99 per month subscription allows unlimited faxes, as well as the option for a toll-free or local fax number.

The app is a great addition for businesses, because it puts the power of a fax machine on the iPad Pro. Users can prepare an electronic signature, edit documents, and send more than 20 file types, including PDF, DOC, PPT, JPEG, and more.

#16 – FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go for iPad Pro

Cost: Free

FileMaker Go began its life as a $30 iPad app and is now considered a must-have mobile database software. The database program allows businesses to use online forms to collect, edit, search, and sort data, capture signatures for invoices or delivery receipts, add photos, videos, and audio directly to your solution, display executive dashboard summaries, and print report and forms directly from the iPad or iPhone using AirPrint.

The latest version, FileMaker Go 14, was introduced alongside the iPad Pro with a new user interface that matches the iOS-8 look. FileMaker Pro for PC is required to run this app.

#17 – iSimplyConnect

iSimplyConnect for iPad Pro

Cost: Free download, $15 per month

iSimplyConnect is an iPad VPN solution that is affordable and easy to use. Businesses who issue iPad Pros to their workers should consider this program so that employees can securely connect to the network. The app works by forcing the iPad to establish a VPN tunnel when connecting to certain resources and websites. Administrators can use the app to keep track of all iPads being used and to force the user to switch to a VPN tunnel for certain sites.

While the app is free to download, the services requires a monthly charge. Up the three users can connect for $15, while a maximum of 50 can connect for $180.

#18 – iWork for iPad

iWork for iPad

Cost: $9.99 for each program

iWork for iPad includes Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. The suite was created by Apple and is a must-have if you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office. While Keynote is used for presentations, Numbers is used for spreadsheets, and Pages for word processing. The apps are tied into iCloud, meaning users can look at files created on their Mac or their iOS devices.

#19 – Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite for iPad Pro

Cost: Qualifying Office 365 subscription

Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint were redesigned for the Apple iPad Pro. With the 12.9-inch screen, users can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoint presentations and share them across PC, Mac, tablet, and phone. The new application ensures that, no matter what device you use to create the document, it will look the same across all platforms. The Office suite requires an Office 365 subscription for use on the iPad Pro.

#20 – Personal Finance for iPad

Mint for iPad Pro

Cost: Free

Mint.comís iPad app allows users to track, budget, and manage their finances in one place. To use the app, you need to create an account, then add your bank, credit, loan, and retirement accounts. Mint automatically imports transactions and categorizes them, letting you see where youíre spending money and what you can save. For businesses, can help track expenditures and incoming profit to help maximize growth, savings, and spending.

#21 – Network Toolbox

Network Toolbox by iPad Pro

Cost: $5.99

Network Toolbox uses 32 individual tools to analyze local and public networks for security issues or wrong configurations. Scanning options include WiFi network, IP scanning, and Port scanning. The SHODAN scan engine and security exploit tests are used to help make your network better. Reviews show that this app is one of the most comprehensive network apps available, making it a must-have for businesses.

#22 – OfficeTime

Officetime for iPad Pro

Cost: $7.99

OfficeTime is an intuitive time tracker that balances features with ease of use. The app allows business people to increase billables, know if they are on budget, improve productivity, work offline, run multiple timers, switch tasks quickly, and has no monthly fees. Options like cross team reports and cross platform offices are available for an additional fee. The latest version adds a free app for the Apple Watch to quickly start and stop timers.

#23 – Slideshark

Slideshark for iPad Pro

Cost: Free

Slideshark lets users upload a PowerPoint presentation to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to share with clients and fellow employees. The app is often used by sales professionals and other presenters as a proven sales presentation solution. The app is free for 15 days for businesses, though individuals can enjoy the app with 25MB of free storage. Business features include broadcasting to up to 10 attendees, detailed reporting and alerts on presentation viewing activity, and 1GB of added storage. The Pro feature is $94.99 per year.

#24 – AutoCAD 360

AutoCad 360 for iPad Pro

Cost: Free

AutoCAD 360 is a free DWG viewing application that provides easy-to-use drawing and drafting tools. Users can create, view, edit, and share drawings across web and mobile device. Free options include external cloud storage connectivity, accurate measuring while on site, drawing coordinates, multi-touch zoom, and the ability to work offline. Users can upgrade to pro for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Pro features new drawing creation, all drawing and editing tools, editing capabilities from cloud storage files, and advanced annotation tools.

Written by Melissa Stusinski

Melissa Stusinski

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