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  • women's probiotics

    Women’s Probiotics Make a Difference in Your Health

    Much is still to be understood in the holistic treatment of the entire human. It is time to explore the digestive system health and gut microbiomes. Taking the right probiotic supplements may be the answer to what you’ve been looking for. Learn more about the role of women’s probiotics and your health in the visual […]

  • Work at home jobs

    15 work-from-home online businesses you can start today

    Think you need a brick-and-mortar storefront to run a successful business? The truth is stay-at-home jobs these days are starting to climb in number. That’s because you can start an online business from the comfort of your own home, and build a nice salary and future for yourself. Some of our online business suggestions require a […]

  • small business

    The Pandemic’s Impact on Small Business Ownership and What to Do About It

    Small businesses make up more than 90% of the U.S. economy and play many roles within it—employers, sources of innovation, economic multipliers, community hubs, and more. While they provide great opportunities in their respective industries, small businesses are also uniquely vulnerable to the economic impact caused by crises like recessions or the COVID-19 pandemic.  Along […]

  • domestic violence resources

    Where to Find Domestic Violence Resources Online

    Domestic violence is a sensitive and complicated topic, and it has been unfortunately increasing throughout the pandemic. It’s important to know that if you are not in a safe situation, there are domestic violence resources online. Learn more about what is available in your state in the infographic below:

  • Best Small Business NAS

    5 Best Small Business NAS Solutions

    If your business only stores a few gigabytes of data daily, cloud storage solutions should suffice. But if your storage needs exceed the cloud, but aren’t quite large enough to warrant an investment in expensive rack space, what data storage options are available to a small-business owner? Is there something in between? If this is […]

  • best business magazines

    Best Business Magazines

    Who reads magazines in 2021? Here at Business Pundit, we do. A lot. OK, we admit—we’re not always reading a physical magazine, we read a lot of magazines on our devices and even on our phones. But we also have stacks of magazines in our break room, and piled up on our coffee tables at […]

  • google analytics

    Navigating the New World of Google Analytics 4

    If you’re a marketer and responsible for the analytics of your website, it’s time to get ready to upgrade. Google analytics is going to sunset the current product. Grow your knowledge about Google Analytics 4 in the infographic below: Source: InfoTrust

  • Wave Review: The Best Small Business Free Accounting Software

    The pressures of running a small business can often mean making compromises when it comes to the software that you choose to run. A few dollars for license here and then a few more dollars there and all of a sudden – you’ve spent more than you can afford. That’s why we have chosen Wave […]

  • Independent Contractor vs Employee

    Independent Contractor vs. Employee: What Business Owners Need to Know

    For small business owners, deciding whether a worker is an independent contractor vs. employee is tricky. Companies of all sizes rely on both employees and independent contractors to run their businesses at full productivity, but there are some important differences between contractors and employees. If you’re considering hiring an independent contractor (IC), you need to […]

  • financial war

    Financial War: Russia Excluded From Global Banking?

    Modern day warfare consists of more than drones and advanced weaponry. As we see the Russia / Ukraine conflict unfolding, Russia is being excluded by many global financial markets such as the SWIFT routing system. Learn more about how sanctions against Russia are contributing a significant financial impact to the world economy in the visual […]

  • Crude Oil

    10 Disturbing Facts About the Black Market

    The Black Market has become something of an urban legend in modern times. No one set market exists that is set up like a flea market where people sell their human hearts alongside their illicit substances, which is the image most often conjured up. But, the black market is very real and thriving around the […]

  • Market Research Analysts

    10 Jobs That Will Eventually Be Replaced by AI

    AI is short for artificial intelligence, which is something you are probably familiar with by now. If you aren’t, artificial intelligence is very simply intelligence that is demonstrated by machines. Over time, it has become exceptionally capable. Because of the way that AI is expanding, it is likely that some jobs may be overtaken by […]