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  • How to start an LLC in Georgia

    How to Start an LLC in Georgia

    Introduction If you’ve got dreams of being a business owner in Georgia, starting an LLC may be the ideal way to make that goal a reality. Launching your own business is a uniquely exciting experience. It’s a new beginning that is sure to challenge you and help you achieve personal and professional growth along the […]

  • Best Online Doctor Telehealth Services for Small Businesses

    Out of the many economic and cultural effects of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, one of the most fascinating has been the sudden growth in telehealth services. An innovation that, in just 2019, was only emerging is suddenly widespread and revolutionizing how we get medical services. From first aid to mental health, telemedicine just makes sense […]

  • How to Start an LLC in Delaware

    If you’re itching to launch a new business in Delaware, you’ve come to the right place.  With business-friendly laws on the books and the widely respected Delaware Court of Chancery in place to address commercial disputes and legal matters, the state is a prime place for undertaking entrepreneurship. Not only have upwards of one million […]

  • How to Start an LLC in Illinois

    Starting a small business in Illinois is exhilarating, rewarding, and—to be completely frank—potentially overwhelming. But despite the amount of paperwork and legal considerations required, careful attention to detail and a touch of perseverance during your LLC’s formation will lay a solid foundation that will set you up for the challenges of running a small business […]

  • How to Change LLC Name

    How to Change LLC Name

    When you launched your limited liability company (LLC), you gave that company a name. Now that name doesn’t fit anymore. This simple guide breaks down what the process of changing an LLC’s name looks like and whether it’s worth the time, hassle, and costs to do so. Can I Change the Name of My LLC? […]

  • How to Change From Sole Proprietor to LLC

    How to Change From Sole Proprietor to LLC

    When you started your business, a sole proprietorship structure was the easiest option. Now that you have more experience, you might wonder if a limited liability company (LLC) would be a better fit for your business. A business that operates as a sole proprietor can transition to an LLC, but you can’t simply convert a […]

  • How to Add a Member to an LLC

    How to Add a Member to an LLC

    “Member” is the official term for the owners of a limited liability company (LLC). The number of members involved in an LLC isn’t set in stone. As an owner, you can decide to bring new members on board at any time using this simple step-by-step process. The Seven-Step Process of Adding a New Member to […]

  • 7 Best Shredders for Small Business

    7 Best Shredders for Small Business

    A shredder is one of those often overlooked office technologies like copiers and intranet platforms. A good paper shredder fits seamlessly into your work environment to prevent identity theft and keep junk mail from cluttering your space, but a bad shredder wastes your time and can even pose a safety risk.  BP’s Picks for Best […]

  • Small-Business Ideas

    25 Small Business Ideas for 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everything upside down, leaving small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs searching for new and emerging markets, innovative services, and previously unknown business opportunities. These trends can be hard to identify at first, and even harder to capitalize on, because although some small business fundamentals remain the same, remote work, Zoom […]

  • best business magazines

    Best Business Magazines

    Who reads magazines in 2021? Here at Business Pundit, we do. A lot. OK, we admit—we’re not always reading a physical magazine, we read a lot of magazines on our devices and even on our phones. But we also have stacks of magazines in our break room, and piled up on our coffee tables at […]

  • The Best Credit Cards on the Market

    The Best Credit Cards on the Market

    Not all credit cards are created equal — many of them have minimal benefits and basic coverages, but some of them are set far above the others. If you are looking to open a credit card, it only makes sense to choose one that works for you and provides a ton of value. Credit cards […]

  • 25 Interesting Facts About the Health Economy

    25 Interesting Facts About the Health Economy

    From pandemic preparedness to Medicare for All, now more than ever, health care is in the news and on the minds of millions. Whenever health care is the subject, statistics will surely play a part in the discussion. Tired of the same old arguments? Here are 25 interesting facts about the health economy that you […]

  • 10 Best Business Board Games

    10 Best Business Board Games

    Becoming a better business person isn’t always about studying the market, reading books by gurus, or going back to school. Playing these 10 business board games will help you improve your skills the fun way. BP’s Picks for Best Business Board Games for Businesses?  Best Overall Business Board Game: Catan Most Cutthroat Business Board Game: […]

  • How to start an LLC in North Carolina

    How to Start an LLC in North Carolina

    North Carolina: the Tarheel State. A place for doers and dreamers, just like you. It’s home, and North Carolina is the perfect place to start your business. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) there are roughly 900,000 small businesses in North Carolina, and as recently as 2016, those small businesses employed nearly 2 […]

  • How to Start an LLC in Pennsylvania

    How to Start an LLC in Pennsylvania

    The Pennsylvania state motto is “virtue, liberty, and independence”—three words that could also easily describe the traits and values of many small business owners. It makes sense, then, that Pennsylvania is a great place to launch a business, large or small. Don’t just take our word for it. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, […]