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  • 15 Inadvertently Lewd Company Logos

    Logos can be a highly effective way of increasing the recognition and presence of your business. The key is simplicity and boldness. The more striking and impressive your emblem or graphic, the more immediate and positive the identification is likely to be. The idea is to create something iconic; something memorable that stands the test […]

  • A Parody of 10 More Corporate Logos

    Remember our corporate logo parody post from last December? It depicted 15 corporate logos altered to reflect current economic conditions. We couldn’t resist creating 10 more corporate logos as a follow-up. We thought the following might suit the companies–after the crisis:                             […]

  • After The Crisis: A Parody of 15 Corporate Logos

    The 2008 crash is probably the most serious economic crisis we have faced after the Great Depression. Stock markets from around the world fell as much as 20% in a single week, dozens of banks either failed or were rescued by government and private instutitions, and companies started laying off employees as a consequence of […]

  • Businesses you can start with no money

    Businesses You Can Start With No Money

    Have plenty of courage, dedication, and commitment—but not a lot of cash? Don’t worry. You don’t need a lot of money (or any money at all!) to start your own business. You just need to have a good idea.  Oh, and a good work ethic, of course. If you’re looking for information on businesses you […]

  • Businesses You Can Start With $100 or Less

    Businesses You Can Start With $100 or Less

    Wondering what businesses you can start with just $100? You’ve come to the right place.  There are plenty of businesses you can start, but unfortunately, most small businesses take a lot of time, cash, and energy to get started. While it’s sometimes true that you have to spend money to make money, you shouldn’t have […]

  • How to start an LLC in Georgia

    How to Start an LLC in Georgia

    Introduction If you’ve got dreams of being a business owner in Georgia, starting an LLC may be the ideal way to make that goal a reality. Launching your own business is a uniquely exciting experience. It’s a new beginning that is sure to challenge you and help you achieve personal and professional growth along the […]

  • How to start an LLC in North Carolina

    How to Start an LLC in North Carolina

    North Carolina: the Tarheel State. A place for doers and dreamers, just like you. It’s home, and North Carolina is the perfect place to start your business. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) there are roughly 900,000 small businesses in North Carolina, and as recently as 2016, those small businesses employed nearly 2 […]

  • How to Start an LLC in Pennsylvania

    How to Start an LLC in Pennsylvania

    The Pennsylvania state motto is “virtue, liberty, and independence”—three words that could also easily describe the traits and values of many small business owners. It makes sense, then, that Pennsylvania is a great place to launch a business, large or small. Don’t just take our word for it. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, […]

  • Marketing Education: Branding and Design

    Visual identity is defined as how a brand appears and includes a company logo and colors associated with the company. Branding is a company or individual’s persona, including how people view the company or individual and any associated products or services. Branding and the visual identity of companies and products surround everyone. Branding is evident […]

  • The 20 Best Online Businesses to Start in 2020

    Working from home is a huge perk for many people, but what are the best online business to start today? Sometimes, a person is a stay-at-home parent who wants to earn money for his or her family on the side. Other times, a person just enjoys the convenience of working from home. One way to […]

  • Terms Of Service

    Effective date: December 6, 2015 Welcome to the websites, applications and services provided by Business Pundit which include without limitation You are invited to submit articles, post comments, sign up to receive newsletters and RSS feeds, and visit the Sites in accordance with these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use, together with any documents […]

  • 10 Famous White Collar Criminals

      White collar crime is the sweetest gig on earth. You can strip the earth bare or rob your shareholders blind, and most likely you’ll just have to pay some money, or a small amount of time in a minimum security prison. Worst case scenario you get locked up for decades and your son kills […]

  • 10 Business Ideas that Immediately Crashed and Burned

      Share    We all know and accept that failure is a natural part of the business cycle.  Bad ideas will be rejected by the market, and good ideas will flourish and lead to a more prosperous and efficient economy.  Hell, even perfectly good ideas that outlive their usefulness will slowly die ignominious deaths no […]

  • 5 of the Biggest Sexual Harassment Settlements

      Share   America has come a long way since the days when rampant sexual misconduct was commonplace in many work environments.  Over the past three decades a standard has been set for workplace behavior, and if you step outside of it, sometimes even just a little bit or accidentally, you will pay.  If you’re […]