A Manager’s Guide to Losing Friends

Barry Ritholtz sent me a link to this. It is a manager's guide on How To Lose Friends and Infuriate People. I'll post just a few of the suggestions.

When an employee is in your office to talk with you, don't hesitate to answer your phone.

Take a week to respond to requests and queries from your employees. Heck, take two.

Criticize people in public. Don't worry whether the criticism is direct or tacit. It'll have the same effect.

Permit inequities and conflict to persist. Remember that you're too important to deal with employees' petty tiffs.

Be stingy with your thank you's. After all, they just make people feel like you should be paying them more money.

Pay people less than they're worth. Give raises based on factors they cannot influence or, for more fun, based on their performance relative to one another.

Click on the link to read the whole list.

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