A McDonald’s franchise is offering unlimited french fries

McDonalds with unlimited french fries

A McDonald’s franchise in St. Joseph, Missouri will be the first in the company’s history to offer unlimited french fries to dine-in customers.

The new store, which will be 6,500-square-foot, has been dubbed the “McDonald’s of the future” by owners Chris and Karri Habiger. The couple own seven McDonald’s locations in total.

Along with non-stop french fries, the location also features ordering kiosks, comfy chairs to lounge in, and even table service.

Customers will be able to create their own personalized burger, chicken sandwich, and dessert through an on-screen ordering system, selecting or declining various cheese and topping options.

new mcdonalds with unlimited fries

“Today’s customers seek a comfortable and inviting atmosphere,” Chris Habiger told the St. Joseph News-Press. “We’re committed to providing a modern look and feel.”

Along with the kiosks the restaurant will also employ 85 workers.

Twitter users were split on the unlimited french fries concept. One person said “that’s enough in itself to move to Missouri” while another said “great making America even fatter.”

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There’s even a massive Play Place that will be available for children to enjoy.

New McDonalds Playplace

Given the popularity of McDonald’s french fries, I have a feel there will be a lot of extra potato consumption at the Missouri store when it opens.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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