Airline Credit Cards

Airline credit cards can fall into two distinct categories – those which offer significant rewards for making purchases of air travel and hotel accommodation, and those which enable you to redeem reward points accumulated through your general credit card transactions for air travel. If you are a frequent flyer, or travel a lot, the top airline credit cards could help save you a lot of money.

Airline Points Credit Cards

The airline credit cards which reward you the highest for making purchases of air travel and paying for other travel expenses on your credit card are known as airline points credit cards. These airline credit cards are more reward cards which are typically issued on behalf of the airlines themselves, and they can be particularly rewarding if you travel a great deal exclusively using one airline or hotel brand.

The benefits associated with airline points credit cards can also significantly enhance your travelling experience. Money saving promotions such as free checked bags, complimentary companion tickets and upgrades add value to using an airline points credit card and, as with the best airline credit cards, you will probably find that you are permitted access to the airline´s VIP lounge at the airport.

Airline Miles Credit Cards

Airline miles credit cards are similar in many respects to the airline points credit cards, but sacrifice some of the reward value offered by airline points credit cards in order to be more flexible. Purchases made with airline miles credit cards are awarded a point value (often as air miles) which can then be saved up and exchanged for flights with any airline, during any season and without any seat restrictions.

The additional advantages associated with airline miles credit cards can also include the flexibility to exchange your accumulated points or air miles for car rental and hotel accommodation, along with extra travelers´ benefits such as no foreign exchange transaction fees when you use your airline credit card abroad. Many of the airline miles credit cards also offer free travel insurance in the event of delayed or canceled flights.

Top Tips for Airline Credit Cards

  • Find the best airline credit card deals which reward you for using an airline company with a hub in your area or that provides a service to a hub you will frequently use.
  • Choose airline credit cards which have no expiry period or limit for the points/miles you collect. This will enable you to save your rewards for better travel experiences.
  • Avoid making additional purchases with airline credit cards simply to collect more miles – if you want to see a destination that badly, pay the balance of the fare with your airline credit card.
  • Compare the annual fees and interest rates being charged by suitable airline credit card companies. Ensure that the travel rewards you receive are worth any extra you may have to pay.
  • If you are in business, book all your corporate travel expenses with an airline credit card. The credit card airline points you accumulate may save your company a lot of money.
  • Take advantage of airline credit cards which offer a sign-up bonus. Many of the airline´s own credit cards offer free airline tickets simply for registering for one of their accounts.
  • When you subscribe to a new airline credit card, do not cancel your old card (particularly if it has no annual fee). Cancelling credit cards may negatively affect your credit rating.
  • Shop around for the best airline credit cards for your lifestyle and then ask for more. Credit card companies want your business, so you just might get it!

Airline credit cards can be a valuable asset if you travel regularly either for leisure or in the course of your business. They can be an ideal way of saving up for an annual family vacation or towards the trip of a lifetime and also provide many other travel benefits that are absent in other credit cards. By shopping around carefully for the most appropriate airline credit card, you could experience a whole new dimension of airline travel.