Airline passenger sues TSA over missed flight in Minneapolis

TSA sued for making man miss flight

A Minnesota flyer is suing the TSA and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport after he missed a flight.

Hooman Nikizad claims he missed his flight in March because he was stuck in a security checkpoint line.

Nikizad said that he arrived at the airport about two hours ahead of his scheduled departure time. He claims he was then forced to stand in a security line for 1.5 hours.

He claimed the TSA had limited staff and was only running one body scanner for passengers in the regular security line.

“The [Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport] and TSA have done a very poor job of getting passengers through security,” Nikizad wrote in the claim.

He is suing for $506.85 to cover the cost of a new flight and other transportation fees, plus a filing fee for the lawsuit.

“The defendants’ failures cost me a new flight ticket and multiple transportation costs to and from the airports,” the claim stated.

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He filed the claim in April and it has now moved to Federal court.

Nikizad noted in the lawsuit that TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger visited the airport on March 11 to help address the long security wait times.

“…the airport and TSA failed in their promise resulting in my missing my flight eight days after this speech,” the claim states.

The TSA has come under constant fire for its inability to keep security lines moving at an acceptable pace. Midway and O’Hare airports in Chicago came under fire in May after a video surfaced which showcased a three-hour wait time.

Written by John Howard

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