Apple’s European headquarters evacuated over security threat

Apple Ireland

Apple’s headquarters in Ireland was evacuated on Monday after a security alert brought police to the building’s premise.

All employees were asked to leave the company’s main campus in the southern Irish county of Cork.

Apple employees 5,000 workers in the area — the evacuation only affected workers at the company’s main building.

“We’re assisting in searches with security teams from the facility as a result of a security alert,” the police spokesman said.

 An army bond disposal team was not called to the scene.

Apple has not provided any further details about the possible threat at this time.

UPDATE: According to the Independent, three of Apple’s factories were affected by a bomb threat: Lavitts Quay, Hollyhill and Model Farm Road. Around 4,000 employees were evacuated from Hollyhill, a factory, with a further 800 from Lavitt’s Quay, an office, according to The Irish Times.

UPDATE 2: Staff have been allowed to return to their workspaces.

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