The 10 Best Gym Management Software Systems for Your Fitness Business in 2020

Fitness Business managers/owners have many reasons to wonder if it would be a smart idea to upgrade the gym management software currently use. Or maybe, a personal trainer or yoga studio was previously managed with a pad & pen, but is now in need of something more cutting-edge to accommodate its business’ recent growth? Fitness is a huge industry, but it’s not a guaranteed money-maker.

When deciding which software for gym management would best fit your specific fitness business, it is critical to research the many options available in the tech-heavy marketplace. First, though, it is essential to outline the purpose and functionality of gym management software.

  • 1. GloFox
  • 2. MindBody
  • 3. Zenplanner
  • 4. PushPress
  • 5. Rhinofit
  • 6. WellnessLiving
  • 7. EZFacility
  • 8. GymMaster
  • 9. Zenoti
  • 10. Clubworx
  • Triib – Honorable Mention 

Gym Management Software – 101

Software for gym management is a powerful, often intuitive-based tool that helps eliminate busywork (or unnecessary double efforts) created by the many tasks required to appropriately manage a gym, yoga studio, or fitness center. In general, fitness management software offers users these potential features – 

  • A Sophisticated Bookkeeping/Billing system for merchandise sales and Payroll
  • A Sleek Main Dashboard
  • Customizable Digital Contracts and Waiver Options
  • A Fluid Text Management System
  • An Easy to Negotiate Membership Platform, Attendance Reporting 
  • Access to Knowledgeable Representatives, Scheduling and Reservation Windows
  • Insights and Real-time Data and reports, Performance Tracking to optimize the fitness business’ resources
  • A Lead Management System

The goal of any software management is to provide an owner/manager with better managerial oversight and the tools that allow gym members to get the most from the fitness facility. Ultimately, the software gym management system selected must meet the gym’s needs and allow for a smoother operation of the fitness facility. Software for gym management should allow a gym manager or owner to better serve the members of the studio and gym, even with multiple locations.

Additionally, the best fitting software for gym management will drive revenue upward and maintain acceptable levels of member retention. To find great success, a business tries to stay ahead (or at least tied) with technology curve innovations. The fitness industry is no different.

1. GloFox

Glofox, headquartered in Ireland, offers a cloud-deployed, innovative software management system for gymnasiums, personal training facilities, or yoga studios, to name a few.  Glofox is recognized among the best online personal trainer software as it automates time-consuming administrative tasks, which ultimately frees up time to generate additional revenue or to take a vacation! 

Glofox’s gym management software offers gym owners and personal trainers a proprietary website presence, plus a customizable branded mobile app – for either IOS or Android device users. These digital tools allow members to accomplish many gym-related tasks like grabbing a spot in yoga later that day, reserving a squash court for the weekend, or paying membership dues online through the member’s integrated social media account, if that is the payment selected. 

The analytic reports generated by Glofox’s internal system reveal crucial metrics that offer valuable insight for the managerial decision-makers at the gym or as a personal trainer. Glofox provides a free demo,  rather than a free gym management software download – which is generally only available for a short trial period.

Glofox operates internationally in more than 40 countries, with many thousands of fitness businesses representing every international time zone. 

  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac, Win, Linux
  • Recommended for Businesses Sized – Small, Medium, Large.
  • Pricing – Paid quarterly. $100 per month.  
  • Free Trial – Yes


MINDBODY offers an innovative software solution for small or midsized fitness businesses like salons, gyms, yoga studios, personal training centers, and dance studios. MINDBODY’S gym management software free download demo is available by completing this simple online query. 

MINDBODY’S streamlines the many tasks required to operate a successful gym or to become a successful personal trainer, with a company ethos that speaks to a commitment of wellness for all.  MINDBODY’S is recognized among the best online personal trainer software as the managerial functions of this gym management software system with an easy to navigate platform that includes these features –

  • Member Management and Customer Tools
  • Administrative Tasks like booking appointments or Re-scheduling a client’s appointment
  • A software package that integrates social media with text and email services. 
  • A Marketing suite to manage advertising and campaign efforts
  • A sophisticate managerial reporting system regarding gym management issues the reveals deep insights regarding the management of a gym, a Pilates or Reiki studio
  • Employee tracking systems and payroll functions, and an integrated calendar system

MINDBODY offers other 3rd-party professional software access to integrate with MINDBODY’S suite of gym management software programs. Follow this link to a free 20-minute demo of the MINDBODY’s software. 

  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac Win Linux
  • Recommended for Businesses Sized – Small, Medium
  • Pricing – Available through the company’s website, software packages begin at $129 per month. 
  • Free Trial – Yes

3. Zen Planner

Zen Planner is an innovative gym membership management software for fitness studios, martial arts academies, gyms and fitness studios, to name a few. Zen Planner’s software suite provides significant benefits that includes –

  • Customizable software to create branding opportunities
  • A streamlined dashboard that reveals valuable insight and automated administrative tasking
  • Lead Conversion Abilities, with integrated marketing tools
  • Well-organized and automatic billing abilities
  • A mobile app (Android and iOS devices) for gym members and staff members that allows easy access to scheduling functions
  • Gym Management Software free download and demo, when requested through Zen Planner’s Internet presence
  • Member workout tracking features, skill set objectives and pre-set templates that can help enhance each member’s gym experience
  • New members are provided with a free one-to-one training session from Zen Planner’s customer support team
  • Comprehensive guidance, resource, and industry insight to help

A top-notch customer support team works exclusively ‘in-house’ with an approximate 98% consumer satisfaction rating. They can be reached by email, phone or dedicated chat rooms.

  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac, Win, Linux
  • Recommended for Businesses Sized – Small, Medium
  • Pricing – Based upon the number of members actively using the app, no startup costs and no contracts
  • Free Trial – Free Demo upon request, plus a free trial period

4. PushPress

PushPress is a Torrance, California based gym management software development firm that offers a comprehensive suite of customizable, managerial oversight programs designed to improve the performance of a fitness facility through valuable administrative tools the effectively streamlines most gym management processes –

  • An easy-to-navigate digital dashboard to help better the management of the fitness business’ day to day operations, all available from one principle location
  • A member management system with real-time data member attendance, performance ratings compared to member-set fitness objectives
  • A Mobile app (Android and IOS) with a member portal that facilitates each member’s engaged in club activities and to schedule to attend a class later that day or later that week. 
  • The management functions regarding events, employees, contracts, inventory, marketing, reservations, attendance, and inventory
  • A Point of Sale (POS) feature for merchandise sales

In addition to all these features, PushPress offers comprehensive customer support by email, telephone, and the PushPress online help desk.

  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac, Win
  • Recommended for Businesses Sized – Small
  • Pricing – $99 per month, billed monthly (Special offers are available regarding revenue-based fee options)
  • Free Trial – Yes

5. Rhinofit

Rhinofit operates from Clearwater, Florida, with a cloud-based versatile gym management software that provides excellent managerial tools to the many varieties of fitness businesses like a gym, a Pilates studio, a personal training center, a dance studio or a boot-camp, to name a few. Rhinofit’s customizable gym management software is available on internet-based devices. Rhinofit’s software for gym management provides a number of solutions for the many gym management issues with regard to –

  • The management of employees, reservations, and inventory
  • Billing and Invoicing integrated functions.
  • The tracking of membership attendance, workout performance compared to member-established fitness or wellness objectives. 
  • Software user support by telephone, email, or online when available.
  • Scheduling options online for members, including reminder texts and digital waivers.
  • A suite of integrated, digital marketing tools to help maintain and build the fitness facility’s membership levels. 
  • Reporting features that offer insightful data regarding how to optimize gym resources better to generate additional revenue.
  • Automated, integrated functions that streamline time-consuming administrative tasks. 

RhinoFit also offers customer support to better customizes the software to meet specific business’ needs, because no gym or personal trainer is exactly the same.

  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac, Win, Linux
  • Appropriate for Businesses Sized – Small
  • Pricing – $57 per month (billed monthly) per user
  • Free Trial – Available
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6. WellnessLiving

WellnessLiving was established in 2012. The company operates as a cloud-deployed gym management software platform for fitness facilities, personal training centers, yoga studios, and gyms of all sizes. WellnessLiving offers unique solutions that help manage and grow a gym, personal training facility, or a yoga studio, to name a few. Gym or fitness studio owners and managers will find WellnessLiving’s software offers managerial benefits that facilitate employee/event/inventory management, a streamlined invoicing and billing (Point of Sale) processing feature, and a contract management function. The WellnessLiving platform offers these additional features – 

  • Online booking functionality where members can book a class the same day (even at specific time slot), or some future date. 
  • The Fitness Facility’s merchandise sold through the wellness studio’s online store
  • Automated reminder texts to members who are scheduled for an upcoming class
  • A mobile app available to IOS and Android devices

This software for gym management offered by WellnessLiving includes a suite of marketing options integrated with campaign management strategies that help build and retain the fitness facility’s membership levels.

  • Platforms – Mac Win Linux
  • Recommended for Businesses – Small, Medium, Large
  • Pricing – $39 per month as a subscription plan
  • Free Trial – free gym management software download for demo

7. EZFacility

EZFacility, based on Long Island, New York, was established in 2003 with a mission to design and build gym management software that addresses how to efficiently manage the many moving parts required to operate a successful gym, Pilates Studio, and personal training center, to name a few. EZFacility’s suite of managerial software programs is designed for small to medium-sized (or multi-chain) fitness businesses. 

The gym management software offered by EZFacility is a cloud-based platform with the ability to reduce (if not eliminate) time-consuming, repetitive administrative tasks associated with gym resources, class/clinic scheduling, and membership management. EZFacility’s scheduling feature help manage trainer classes, member feedback, trainer attendance, and fee structures. The EZFacility gym management software sets up a fitness business’ ability to –

  • Better manage inventory and resources and staff members
  • Offer POS processing
  • Manage membership building campaigns
  • An integrated text and email relationship management system, including upcoming events and class reminders

Additionally, EZFacility’s mobile app is available for IOS or Android devices. As an easy to use member portal, fitness facility or gym members, members are provided with a self-service function where they can book a class, set fitness objectives and monitor fitness performance in real-time and overtime.

  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac, Win, Linux
  • Recommended for Businesses Sized – Small, Medium
  • Pricing – Make a request to EZFacility with your company specifics
  • Free Trial – Yes

8. GymMaster

GymMaster offers a cloud-deployed comprehensive managerial software program designed to meet the needs of managers or owners operating a gym, personal training center, yoga studio, or boot-camp, to name just a few. This management software is a good fit for fitness businesses that are considered small, midsized, and large. GymMaster offers tiered pricing (with additional gym management services) at each next level but with a customer-friendly 60-day money-back guarantee. The varying levels of GymMaster program level offer the following –

  • A streamlined dashboard to reduce (or eliminate) repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks. 
  • A comprehensive member management system that intuitively manages invoicing and billing. 
  • A simple to navigate an integrated online booking system for multiple trainers and class sites and automated member reminder system. 
  • Marketing tools designed for member retention, engagement, and growth.
  • 24/7 one door gym access (for all levels except studio).
  • Insightful management reports revealing data regarding member patterns of usage and attendance.
  • Customer support by telephone, remote staff, and email.
  • A POS integrated function.

 GymMaster gym software helps fitness facility managers and owners improve membership satisfaction, which is a fundamental building block to maintaining – and then building – on current membership levels.

  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac, Win, Linux
  • Recommended for Businesses Sized – Small, Medium, Large
  • Pricing – Studio Status for 150 members ($85); Standard Status for 400 members ($99); Professional Status for 1,300 members ($189); Enterprise Status for unlimited members is priced by quote. Pay yearly for a 10% discount
  • Free Trial – Yes

9. Zenoti Software

Zenoti is headquartered in Washington State. The company provides a cloud-based platform of solutions for fitness, yoga, and Pilates studios of any size. Zenoti’s gym management software can easily coordinate the management of many fitness locations. The software provides an all in one software suite that helps wellness businesses improve their business operating performance. These include the managerial functions of –

  • Scheduling of staff members and class availability
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Customizable Management Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Event Management
  • Marketing tools and insights, marketing campaigns
  • Member Management included feedback options and built-in loyalty programs 
  • Employee Management including goal performance and a dedicated app for employees with a fool-proof employee tracking
  • Class Scheduling 
  • Member Portal through a mobile app that supports IOS and Android

Zenoti’s gym management solutions streamline business processes and automate repetitive, albeit important, gym management tasks. With more than 4,900 clients, Zenoti has had more than enough time and experience to learn what gyms want and need – even before owners know it themselves.  

  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac, Win, Linux
  • Recommended for Businesses Sized – Small, Medium, Large
  • Pricing – Monthly Subscription. Contact Zenoti Sales for a quote.
  • Free Trial – No

10. Clubworx

Clubworx is headquartered in Australia but operates on an international level. Clubworx provides a cloud-based gym management software program that has been specifically designed for gyms, fitness studios, and martial arts programs. Gym managers and owners appreciate the ease in which the gym or yoga studio can do the following –

  • Integrate, Payroll, Gift Card Management system, billing, invoicing, POS possibilities, and membership fee management.
  • Implement customizable marketing campaigns to engage, retain, and build the fitness facility’s membership base.
  • The ability to integrate with social media platforms, send class reminder alerts to members.
  • Provide a mobile app that allows members to schedule fitness classes in advance, rearrange currently scheduled class time or membership packs.
  • Provide management reports (including key metrics) regarding employee performance, membership insights/attendance.
  • Customer support by telephone, email, or online access to the company’s user guide.

Clubworx is competitively priced, offering three levels of pricing depending on the size of the gym membership and features required by the fitness facility’s managerial team.

  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac, Win, Linux
  • Recommended for Businesses Sized – Small, Medium
  • Pricing – Three tiers – a growing gym for $29 per month (up to 100 members); and accelerating fitness business for $49 per month (up to 250 members); the established fitness facility for $79 per month (more than 250 members)
  • Free Trial – Yes

Honorable Mention – Triib

Triib is a Boston headquartered software development company that offers a cloud-deployed management system that has been designed for wellness businesses that include gyms, yoga studios, personal training centers, and boot-camps, to name a few. Triib offers a free demo and personal tour for fitness business owners interested in learning more about the machinations of the software. Triib offers innovative, easy-to-navigate software solutions for gym owners and managers. This includes – 

  • Reporting functions that generate insightful data regarding membership attendance and employee performance and staff management. 
  • Integrated and automatic billing, invoicing, POS payment processing, and Payroll.
  • A well-design dashboard that offers real-time analytics. 
  • Membership and contract management controls and reports. 

A mobile app (iOS and Android users) for gym members that permits members to set their fitness goals and nutrition challenges and to sign up for classes that day or a day in the future. Members have the option of contributing to the Triib’s online blog.

  • Innovative text, email engagement system that also generates automatic reminders for upcoming classes. 
  • Software support by telephone, email, or the company’s online support center.  
  • Works with the following Platforms – Mac, Win, Linux
  • Recommended for Businesses Sized – Small, Medium, Large
  • Pricing – Subscription Service
  • Free Trial – No


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