Delta is giving away all of its in-flight entertainment for free

Free Delta Airlines Entertainment

Delta passengers will no longer have to pay for the right to watch in-flight entertainment.

The airline has announced that its entire suite of onboard entertainment, which includes up to 300 movies and 750 TV shows, will soon be available to everyone on equipped aircraft on domestic and international flights. 3

“Our content library leads the industry in terms of depth and breadth…it’s not just free, but there is something for everyone,” said Delta spokeswoman Liz Savadelis.

The free program will start on July 1 and will be available on about 90% of its planes.

The company says some customers may start to receive free entertainment before the official launch as the company prepares its various aircraft for the upgrade.

Fliers will be able to access the free movies, shows, music and games on seat-back screens or through their personal mobile device through onboard Wi-Fi, which is also free.

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Some of Delta’s domestic flights were already offering part of its entertainment package for free.

“We are the only airline offering entirely free entertainment for all customers,” said Savadelis.

The 10% of aircraft that won’t have complimentary offerings are the company’s smaller planes that aren’t equipped with Wi-Fi at this time.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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