How to sell hats online, or why Donald Trump doesn’t buy political ads

Donald Trump Make America Great Again

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is taking a unique approach to marketing. The campaign spent more on hats, t-shirts, and coffee mugs, than it did on ads or payroll in May.

Trump’s campaign spent $208,000 on hats, $5,000 on signs and $694,000 on t-shirts, mugs and stickers, according to a financial disclosure with the Federal Election Commission.

Trump’s “Make America Great” clothes and posters have been the campaign’s primary form of advertising throughout the campaign battle.

Trump spent just $115,000 on online advertising and $5,000 on print ads.

The filing also shows that Clinton’s campaign had $42 million in the bank as of May 31. Trump’s campaign had $1.3 million.

The Clinton campaign plans to spend $117 million in television advertising prior to Election Day. Trump and his supporters have committed to just $700,000.

Trump’s campaign spent just $6.7 million last quarter while Hillary Clinton spent $14.1 million during her heated battle with Vermont lawmaker Bernie Sanders.

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The Trump campaign spent just $347,000 on payroll last month. The campaign also paid outside consultants $1.5 million last month for services that included administration, “ballot access consulting” to legal issues, strategic and policy planning, communications and event consulting.

The biggest consulting fee was $543,000 the Trump campaign paid to a group to develop its website’s digital strategy.

Trump also spent $250,000 in lodging last month.

Trump’s campaign broke out other expenses including $75,000 for security, $228,000 in postage, $900 in cleaning services, and just $264 on pens.

The Clinton campaign has not broken out their campaign spending into specific expenses.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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